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Supernatural Collectors Looksee Box with 7 Collectible Themed Items

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Are you a superfan of the TV series Supernatural?

Then this is the armful of collectible fun you've been wanting, just packed with bounty. Want to know how much loot you'll get?
  • Well, for starters, a Join The Hunt strawberry air freshener.
  • a pack of Supernatural playing cards
  • Supernatural Hardback Journal (100 Pages)
  • Supernatural Devil's Trap soft enamel/metalkey chain
  • 1/64 scale 1967 Chevrolet Impala
  • Anti-Possession Hunt Web Belt
  • Castiel w/ Wings cameo necklace
  • Supernatural themed 7.75"x7.75"x7.75" flat empty storage box
If you're about to feel possessed to the point of no return, just make sure you get this baby purchased, like NOW, and then you can regain your true self and cast away all evil when the delivery service comes knocking with it all ready for your unboxing celebration!