How Much Is A Charizard EX Worth

How Much Is A Charizard EX Worth? Price & Value (2023)

The Charizard EX was first released in 2014 as part of the Pokemon TCG (XY) expansion.

However, because of its limited availability, it was sought after by tons of collectors, making it one of the rare Pokemon cards.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these prized cards, read on and find out exactly how much is a Charizard EX worth (just in case you’d need to run to the bank).

Charizard EX - How Much Is It Worth?

Charizard Pokemon Cards

Charizard EX’s lowest value is about $100, while the highest is the 1st Edition Charizard EX, which is approximately $270,600.

Additionally, the assumed value of a Charizard EX in 2023 is around $150. Of course, the price would vary depending on the card’s condition [1].

A poor condition Charizard EX card of PSA 10 value is about $95, while an average PSA 10 card is around $100, and a mint condition card could be roughly $150.

Again, these are rough estimates as some sell them from about $600 to over $1,000.

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Why Is Charizard EX A Highly Sought-After Card?

Its limited availability is one of the factors that made the Charizard EX highly sought-after by card collectors.

Although no extreme rarity symbol exists on the Charizard EX card, Charizards have long been making the headlines.

One instance was when a 1999 Charizard card was bought for a whopping $420,000 [2].

Factors That Determine Its Value

RARE Mega Charizard EX Card


Of the many shining Pokemon cards, Charizard is one of the most valuable, tangible, and with limited availability, particularly the first edition (1999 1st edition Holographic Charizard card).

Charizard EX, in particular, is not a rare card but has been considered one after collectors flocked to get their hands on it. Check out some Charizard gift ideas here


Another factor determining the current value of your Charizard EX card is its current state.

Mint condition cards or those in perfect condition (no tear, no markings) are sold higher when compared to cards that obviously look like they’ve been in the hands of many collectors.


Vintage and first-edition Charizard EX cards have a higher market value. Usually, first edition cards and those editions in which only a few were released cost more than regular ones.

List Of The Most Expensive Charizard EX Cards Sold

  • 1st Edition Charizard EX ($270,600)
  • EX Dragon Frontiers Charizard ($9,000)
  • EX Team Rocket Returns Charizard - Reverse Holo ($4,000)
  • EX Fire Red & Leaf Green Charizard ($3,000)
  • EX Deoxys Charizard ($2,500)
  • Charizard EX Full Art ($1,000)
  • Charizard EX ($600)
  • Charizard EX Full Art 101/106 ($500)
  • Charizard EX 101/106 ($400)
  • Charizard EX 100/106 ($300)

Buying Tips

Hand Holding Pokemon Cards
  • Always be wary of the cards sold on some e-commerce platforms having descriptions like “flash cards” and “authentic reproduction.”
  • Buy from trusted sites and officially licensed retailers only.
  • If you’re after good cards, be prepared to spend more. Be alert when sellers market “mint condition” cards for cheap prices, as these might just be rip-offs of the original.

What Is The Most Expensive Charizard EX Pokemon Card?

The most expensive Charizard EX Pokemon card is the 1st Edition Charizard EX, sold for $270,600 to an anonymous buyer.

This Charizard EX Full Art card was in mint condition (PSA 10) and was released in the EX Dragon Frontiers Expansion.

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What is a Charizard EX 2016 worth?

The value of a Charizard EX card will depend on its rarity, condition, and demand, but generally, a Charizard EX 2016 that is in good condition is worth around $20 - $30.

However, if the card is in mint condition or rare, it can be worth more, just like the PSA 10 Charizard EX 2016 Holo, which was sold for approximately $1,200 last 2022.

Is a Charizard EX card rare?

No, Charizard EX cards are not as rare as other Pokemon cards. Still, they are considered valuable, especially if they are released in limited quantities and are in high demand.

On A Final Note

Before running to the bank to get that Charizard EX card and add it to your collection, you must know if it is properly valued to avoid getting ripped off.

Do extensive research first, and only purchase high-ticket items from trusted online sites.

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