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Marvel Spider-Gwen 15oz Geeki Tiki Mug, White

  • A TROPICAL TWIST ON YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER: Presenting: the vintage Pacific Island version of the White Widow, cast for keeps in dishwasher- and microwave-safe stoneware
  • LEVEL UP YOUR BEVERAGE GAME: Geeki Tiki adds fun pop to your morning coffee (or tea) ritual with a ceramic mug from an alternate uinverse
  • NO NEED TO TRAVEL TO AN ALTERNATE EARTH: Load up right in your own home with sweet, liquid Spider energy. Also known as your favorite instant coffee brand.
  • ENJOY THE ISLAND BEACH VERSION OF EARTH-65: Geeki Tiki takes iconic pop culture characters and scenes and applies our unique Tiki flair, whether they're from this Earth or an alternate one
  • ONLY THE REAL DEAL WILL DO: All of our merchandise is officially licensed, made to to the highest standards, for long-term fan enjoyment

From an alternate Tiki Comics Universe, the one imbued with a relaxed “surf’s up” vibe, a humorous twist on a Marvel comics groundbreaking character.

Imagine an alternate universe where South Seas culture is the norm and everything’s filtered through a tropical, sunny sensibility, and you have Geeki Tiki’s take on the Spider-verse and all those Spidey permutations. Plus, you also get a useful and amusing beverage mug. Talk about sweet pau pau!

This Pacific Islander version of Spidergirl/Spider-Gwen, a.k.a. The White Widow, weaves only webs of fun and happiness in a tropical paradise. Whether filled with your favorite coffee brew, or with different beverage at a beach party, you’ve got the “fun” part of functionality.