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Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks 5-6" Action Figure Set

  • Bronze Dalek measures 5-inches tall. Paradigm Drone and Supreme Daleks stand 6-inches tall.
  • Includes a dark metallic red Paradigm Drone Dalek, white Paradigm Dalek Supreme, and an electronic talking bronze Dalek.
  • Features authentic sound FX!
  • Perfect for a gift or addition to any Doctor Who collection.
  • Officially licensed Doctor Who collectible.

Exterminate! Create your very own Dalek army to take on the Doctor with the Asylum of The Daleks Figure Set! This three figure set includes Paradigm Drone and Supreme Daleks plus Sound FX Bronze Dalek. Speech and sound effects for the Bronze Dalek include: Scanning, Elevate, "Obey The Daleks", "Multi Spectrum Scanning Now Engaged", "Surrender or Be Exterminated", "Daleks Conquer and Destroy", "Exterminate, Exterminate, Exterminate", "Exterminate" + Gun Sound.