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Cutetitos 7.5-Inch Mystery Stuffed Animal - One Random

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Cutetitos are adorable, surprise stuffed animals ready to be unrolled and discovered. Disguised in uniquely wrapped mystery packaging, Cutetitos are 7.5-inch assorted animals wrapped in soft, plush burrito blankets. Each comes with a pet collector card that includes detailed information including its species, name, birthday and favorite quotito! And, to find out if each Cutetito's personality is mild, medium or hot, just check out its 'Hot Spot'! Discover a Catito, Bearito, Monkito, Pigito and more - some are ultra rare! Collect all 12! Character's in wave 1 include: Bellito, Cheekito, Despacito, Fluffito, Frostito, Hoppito, Luckito, Oinkito, Pawsito, Peppito, Speedito and Sweetito.

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