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OFFICIAL Ghostbusters No Ghosts Logo Pin | Enamel Collector's Pin | Approx. 1.5"

  • NO GHOSTS ALLOWED: From the iconic film franchise, Ghostbusters, this logo is synonymous with the specter busting troupe. Fashion this pin on your clothes or hat and showcase your love for the renowned ghost fighters!
  • PERFECT FOR BUSTIN' GHOSTS: This Ghostbusters pin could be that final touch you're missing from your Ghostbuster cosplay uniform. Fasten this logo on your uniform, grab your proton pack and get ready to fire up the partial accelerator!
  • GREAT SIZE FOR DECORATION: At approx 1.5" in diameter, the Ghostbusters movie logo pin is the perfect size for accessorizing all of your favorite clothes, jackets, hats, and more! Add a touch of flare to your items with the No Ghosts logo!
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Know someone who loves the Ghostbusters films? This pin is a wonderful gift to make them smile! Help them accessorize with collectible memorabilia from their favorite movies!
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Looking to expand your collection of movie keepsakes? How about just accessorizing in style? This officially licensed Ghostbusters Pin is the perfect piece to enhance your myriad of collectables.


The No Ghost logo has been the flag of the Ghostbusters since it’s debut in 1984. Fans across the world instantly recognize the symbol and shout, “Who you gonna call?” Now this logo has been transferred onto this enamel collector pin for your entertainment!



This pin is designed for all kinds of applications! Place it in your collection, on your clothes, backpacks, camera bags, and more! This Ghostbusters logo can only an bring added sense of spookiness and adventure!  You can also give this pin as a gift to your friends and loved ones so they can show off their fandom for the legendary franchise, Ghostbusters!