Year of the Monkey: Chinese Zodiac Guide (2024 Updated)

Year of the Monkey: Chinese Zodiac Guide (2024 Updated)

Monkeys are the closest to humans among all Chinese Zodiac animals. For this reason, they’re highly regarded globally and not only in Chinese astrology. However, how does this quick-witted animal fare in the Chinese Zodiac?

We researched and compiled an in-depth guide to help you learn more about the year of the monkey!

Year of the Monkey: An Overview

Year of the Monkey: An Overview

The monkey is the ninth animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar that typically begins around early February. This Chinese zodiac sign is described as witty, lively, and clever — some of those traits attributed to their close similarity with humans. 

You’re one of the monkey people if your birth year is 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, and 2016, with the earthly branch Shen (申).

Although some people born in this category find it repulsive, there is more to monkeys than humorous dispositions. In Chinese culture, monkeys are used as mascots to pray for career luck and cast evil spirits away. 

Health & Lifestyle

The active and lively personality traits of the monkey are a double-edged sword. First of all, monkeys rarely suffer from major diseases. However, they’re not immune to minor illnesses, so precautions are still necessary. 

This overactivity may sometimes lead them to unprecedented accidents. So, people born in the monkey year should take extra precautions. Diet is another area to focus on, as eating healthy meals can keep gastrointestinal diseases away.

Characteristics & Personality of the Monkey

Monkey on a Tree

Individuals born in the monkey year are said to have brilliant minds. Aside from being intelligent people, they’re also active, quick-witted, humorous, brave, and highly sociable. These qualities make their social life fruitful.

Humor is the strongest quality men born in the year of the monkey have. They might seem immature for their knack for practical jokes, but they mean well. On the other hand, monkey women are ambitious, optimistic, and confident.

However, the monkey’s biggest weaknesses are impatience, braggart, and vainglorious personality traits, which may be off-putting for others.

Love & Relationships

Least Compatible With

Monkeys are least compatible with a tiger and pig, mostly because these animals don’t align with the monkey’s principles. For instance, the tiger wishes to lead the relationship, which conflicts with the monkey’s desire to do the same, so their love life can get a little bumpy. Meanwhile, the monkey’s personality is too perplexing for the pig to understand.

Most Compatible With

The best matches for the monkey are ox and rabbit. The similar personalities between monkeys and oxen make them great for a long-term relationship. The rabbit also shares common hobbies with the monkey, so it’s easy to build relationships, and love challenges seldom occur. Those with the dog, sheep/goat, and rat sign may be good friends with monkeys.

Best Careers & Jobs of the Monkey

Man Typing on a Laptop

Given the active nature of people with this Zodiac sign, they’d make great entertainers and professional athletes. In comparison, the competitive spirits and logical wits of those born in this category make great entrepreneurs (or employees with a side business).

Other monkeys love facing new challenges in life and solving complicated problems, so lawyers, diplomats, or detectives might fit the bill too!

Lucky Signs

Monkeys have great characteristics that set them up for success, but surrounding themselves with lucky things can accentuate their already magnetic personalities.

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Number Keys

The lucky numbers for monkeys are 1, 7, and 8, while their digital kryptonite is 2, 5, and 9. Since we’re discussing numbers, every 8th and 12th of the lunar year are the lucky months of monkeys, usually around September and January, because the lunar year typically starts in February.


The lucky colors of this Chinese zodiac animal are white, gold, and blue, while red, black, grey, and dark coffee should be avoided for this sign.


Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemum and alliums are the lucky flowers of the monkey. To upgrade your fortune level, placing some lucky flowers in your lucky direction may be helpful!


The lucky directions of monkeys are north, northwest, and west. Meanwhile, the east direction is not so lucky for them. 

Types of Monkeys

Aside from the gender and blood type, the five elements to which a monkey belongs also affect their overall personality. 

Water Monkey (1932, 1992)

The water monkey is the limelight-loving bunch. They love being the center of attention, but sometimes a water monkey may be haughty or disdainful. They’re also adventurous and friendly.

Metal Monkey (1920, 1980)

The metal and the water monkey’s differences are seemingly yin yang. Unlike the popular water ape, they are more cautious and reserved. They’re hardworking but sometimes exhibit characters of being irritable and stubborn.

Earth Monkey (1908, 1968)

Monkey Eating Biscuit

The Earth monkey is sensible, far-sighted, and optimistic. Given their fearless and planning-oriented nature, they can make great entrepreneurs.

Wood Monkey (1944, 2004)

The wood monkey is responsible, steady, compassionate, has strong self-esteem, and exhibits teamwork. They’re always willing to help others, but they can be very irritable people.

Fire Monkey (1956, 2016)

Among the elements, the fire monkey is the most mature. They’re adaptable, thoughtful, adventurous, and ambitious, but sometimes their irritability can get the best of them.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Monkey 

What good are the qualities of monkeys if there are no famous personalities to support this claim? Here are some of the most popular personalities that share this sign: [1]

  • Tom Hanks
  • Selena Gomez
  • Will Smith
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Daniel Craig
  • Celine Dion
  • Chelsea Clinton
  • Venus Williams


Is the Monkey lucky in 2022?

It depends. The 2022 future prediction for monkeys is not so good. For monkeys to thrive in the workplace, they need to spend extra effort in being steady. Venturing in extra income is ill-advised. The possibility to marry late is also high as relationships may struggle this year starting February.

What does a Monkey represent in the Chinese zodiac?

The monkey represents intelligence, wit, and strong will in the Chinese zodiac. They are highly curious, which makes them very inventive and creative, plus their popular personality lights up the whole room. Another zodiac animal that shares in this wittiness is the rat, although not to the same degree as the primate. [2]

In Summary

The year of the monkey is as special as other zodiac signs with their incredible wit and unremarkable intelligence. So we better not take monkeys lightly!

Although the horoscope of monkeys this Chinese New Year starting February 2022 may make some sad, we have the perfect gift to put a smile back on their faces.

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