Year of the Ox: Chinese Zodiac Guide (2023 Updated)

Year of the Ox: Chinese Zodiac Guide (2023 Updated)

The Chinese culture and agriculture sector value the ox for their impeccable contributions to society. In Chinese astrology, the ox zodiac is one of the most regarded animals, being the second in the 12-lunar new year cycle.

Our team researched and compiled everything you need to know about the year of the ox! 

Year of The Ox: An Overview

Year of The Ox: An Overview

The Jade Emperor once held a race to determine his 12 Chinese zodiac animals. The ox was in the lead ahead of the tiger and would’ve won if not for the devious rat hiding in the ox’s ear that jumped ahead to the finish line. 

To this day, the ox’s personality of diligence, persistence, and hard work is still apparent [1]. This is why people with this Chinese zodiac sign are equally industrious in character.

The ox year has the Chou (丑) Earthly branch and falls in the following years: 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, and 2021. The Chinese zodiac year also begins in late January or early February.

Elements & Fortunes

Aside from gender, Earthly branches, and year, the elements associated with the Chinese zodiac animal also affect one’s fortunes.

Earth (1949, 2009)

Earth (1949, 2009)

Ox people with this Earth animal sign are smart and resolute but can be quite conservative. They pay close attention to detail and have a strong personality. Generally speaking, Earth ox earn a lot of money, but this comes and goes. Slowing down and enjoying fortune happens when they grow older.

Fire (1937, 1997)

People who fall on this birth year are clever and versatile but tend to be narrow-minded and impersonal. Nevertheless, they have a strong sense of practicality out of the five elements, so financial worries are never a problem.

Metal (1961, 2021)

Metal (1961, 2021)

The metal ox is among the most hardworking zodiac sign. They are busy, active, and popular among peers. Although they are fated to face obstacles early in life, there will be no financial worries and can still enjoy comfort in old age. 

The last Xin Chou year (year of the metal ox) was 2021, and a feng shui master predicted a booming industry for metal works during that sexagenary cycle.

Water (1913, 1973)

Like their metal counterpart, the water ox is also hardworking. However, these oxen are tenacious, ambitious, and have a strong sense of justice among the zodiac signs. For this, water ox people are respected by many, but there’s a hitch in love compatibility, so they’d have to marry late.

Wood (1925, 1985)

Wood (1925, 1985)

Wood oxen are brave, upright like the water ox, and ready to defend the oppressed. We reckon people born in this ox year make good lawyers. If you fall in this category, a bit of bad luck is expected at the start, but it smoothens in the second half of your life.

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Personality & Characteristics of the Ox


Women who fall on this Chinese lunar calendar are diligent and hardworking. They don’t talk much, but they’re as sincere as they come. Women born on years of the ox are very ethical in life. Although their occasional stubbornness results in conflicts, these oxen ensure great household management.



Male oxen are mature and accountable; that’s why they leave a lasting impression on others. They are also diligent, which assures them a high possibility of workplace advancement. 

However, men with this Chinese character may lack a sense of humor which can leave an arrogant and assertive impression on others.

Love & Relationships

Ox people born in this lunar month complement a rat perfectly, share the same belief with a snake and enjoy similar hobbies with a rooster. However, they won’t jive with a dragon, tiger, horse, and sheep because of differing personalities.

Lucky things may come if unmarried adults wear red during the Lantern Festival (Chinese new year) and receive red packets from married couples to bid them luck in relationships!

Jobs & Careers of the Ox

Jobs & Careers of the Ox

There are common ground personality traits among people born in the year of the ox: hardworking, upright, and realistic. For this reason, being lawyers, doctors, politicians (the good kind), office clerks, and consultants are the best career choices for the oxen. 

For ensured luck, don’t cut your hair on the first day of the lunar new year, as the first character of hair is the same as prosperity. 

Lucky Signs for Ox


People belonging to this lunar new year sign have red, blue, and purple as their lucky colors. On the other hand, white and green colors must be avoided.



Numbers 1 and 9 are the green numbers or the lucky numbers for the ox, while their unlucky numbers are 3 and 4.


South, north, and southeast directions are the lucky directions for ox. If you want to maximize the auspiciousness of your lunar new year birth date, let these directions guide you. Meanwhile, northwest directions can be unlucky for ox.



The lucky flowers for ox are peach blossoms, evergreen, tulip, lucky bamboo, and lily of the valley. Infusing your lucky directions with lucky flowers, for instance, peach blossom lucky directions or lucky bamboo directions, definitely signifies movements that may be auspicious or result in luck for an ox, but Tai Sui must be observed. 

Lifestyle & Health

Good health is expected from the robust and hardworking ox. They rarely experience illnesses, and it’s typically mild when they do. Although given their overworked bodies, they might encounter some illnesses associated with age if they’re not careful. A few days of relaxation, short trips, and outdoor activities are advised.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Ox

  • Barack Obama
  • Gal Gadot
  • Walt Disney
  • Pablo Escobar
  • Camila Cabello
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Robert F. Kennedy
  • George Clooney
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Stephenie Meyer


Is 2022 a good year for the Ox?

Yes. In 2022, the overall fortune of the ox will steadily pick up, and relationships will be successful. This radical change will begin during the first lunar month. For Asian countries like South Korea celebrating the public holidays, ox people will have three to seven days to plan out their year successfully!

What does an ox mean in the Chinese zodiac?

In the Chinese zodiac, ox people are faithful friends who contribute to society’s progress. They are not ill-tempered and instead calm, reliable, conscientious, and methodical. Although they don’t give in to their emotions quickly, ox people can be explosive or impulsive when triggered. [2

Final Thoughts

The year of the ox is one of the best years to be born in the Chinese zodiac. Their natural qualities and temperaments make them good members of society and great friends!

If there’s one thing common among all oxen people, it’s their incredible patience and hard work. Our Year Of The Ox Ramen Bowl is decorated with the hardworking animal to remind you to keep calm as you sip your hot bowl of soup by the end of an exhausting day!

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