Year of the Rat: Chinese Zodiac Guide (2023 Updated)

Year of the Rat: Chinese Zodiac Guide (2023 Updated)

Small as they are, rats are highly regarded in the Chinese Zodiac, as they are the first to arrive at the heavenly gates. Albeit the rat tricked the ox into victory, it’s a public display of their cunning personality! 

Our team spent 72 hours researching to help you find out how the Chinese year of the rat fares this 2023!

Chinese Year of the Rat: A Brief Description

Chinese Year of the Rat: A Brief Description

Among the zodiac animals, the rat is the first animal in the 12-repeating cycle of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, beginning in late January or early February (as opposed to the Gregorian calendar).

Chinese culture says the Jade emperor once held a race on which of the 12 animals arrived at his party first. The ox was in the lead, but nearing the finish line, hiding behind its ear, the rat jumped and landed ahead, granting the rat first place.

You’re one of the rat people if your birth year falls on 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, and 2032. The rat is linked with the Earthly branch Zi (子) and the midnight hours.

Personality & Characteristics

People born in the rat year are savvy, quick-witted, clever, and cunning. They value nothing more than a quiet and peaceful life. Some of their weaknesses include being stubborn, undetermined, and sometimes, lacking courage.

Apart from the animal signs, Chinese astrology also values the five elements, blood type, earthly branches, and gender influencing the manifestation of each zodiac sign. 

Love & Relationships of the Rat

Those born in the rat year enjoy success, influencing their love relationship. A romantic relationship with a rat is best built on a foundation geared towards career excellence. You might’ve been unlucky in recent years, but with compatible zodiac matches, this year might turn up!

Most Compatible With

As dictated by the Chinese zodiac, people born in years of the rat are most relationally compatible with ox for their faithfulness, dragon for adventure, and monkey for mutual support. Partnered with rats, people belonging to these three zodiac animals would make great married couples. Those born in the pig, dog, and rabbit years have a complementary relationship with rats!

Least Compatible With

Individuals with horse and rooster zodiac animals won’t work well with rats. The horse is highly independent - the same as the rat. While rats won’t stand the picky nature of a rooster, tiger and co-rat people have an average relatability with them.

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Career & Jobs

Career & Jobs

If daily life in recent years were uninspiring, with the help of hard work beginning this January 2022, any stalled developments from your work environment would progress smoothly [1]. It’s an opportune time for confidence because if your work or boss is becoming too toxic, finding a new job is one of the lucky things you could do for your career. Indeed, a great sign to earn extra money!

Lifestyle & Health 

Rats are not known for their durability as they easily catch colds in cold temperatures. But in this Lunar New Year, the rat will enjoy better physical health except for those born in 1984. If you have close friends, warn them of potential shoulder and back pain, while elder rats should check their kidneys and urinary systems.

Lucky Signs for Rats 



The lucky numbers for those falling in the rat’s year are 2 and 3. Two other animals from the Chinese zodiac share the same numbers: horse and tiger. In addition, the miniature animal should avoid the numbers 5 and 9.


The lucky rats’ colors are gold, blue, and green, while yellow and brown numbers, things, and letters are considered unlucky. Interestingly, in terms of color scheme compatibility, they have the most affinity to the year of the monkey, while no colors match with the dragon even though they’re relationally compatible.



The lucky directions of the strong-willed creatures are Northeast and Southeast, while West is the unlucky direction.


The lucky flowers of rats are African violet and lily.

Types of Rats

Earth Rat

Earth Rat

Earth rat people are pleasant, friendly, honest, flexible, and modest. Like Earth, they are well-grounded with work but exhibit high self-esteem. They typically receive support from friends and colleagues because of the good relationships they cultivate.

Fire Rat

The characteristics of fire rats are as the element displays: warm, cordial, and brave. Although, fire rats can also be very strict with their personal rules.

Metal Rat

Metal Rat

Rats with metal elements are persuasive, and they like public admiration, although this sign is a bit paradoxical. Despite having a strong sense of self-awareness, they are hot-tempered, and this affects their personal life.

Water Rat

Ideas flow freely in the minds of rats born during the water lunar year cycle. They are intelligent and wise but also shrewd and conservative.

Wood Rat

Wood Rat

A wood rat is independent but is also highly effective in the context of teamwork. This sign means they’re talented and virtuous, but pessimism is their kryptonite.

Famous Personalities Born in the Year of the Rat

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Tim Cook
  • Eminem
  • Rosa Parks
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Katy Perry
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Prince Harry
  • Richard Nixon
  • Wilt Chamberlain
  • George Bush


Is 2022 a good year for Rat?

It depends since keen observation of the rat life this Chinese New Year 2022 is bumpy. They can have a better fortune than in recent years, but this will come at an effort. The rat should keep their physical health checked and be more virtuous with work and personal relationships for a better year.

What does a rat mean in the Chinese zodiac?

In Chinese culture, rats symbolize wealth and surplus [2]. Since they are scattered worldwide, although seemingly docile like a pig, the Chinese zodiac describes them as nimble and cunning creatures. However, they do enjoy a peaceful life as the rabbit does.

Key Takeaways

The Chinese New Year and zodiac is a splendid source of information to know yourself a little from an oriental perspective. People born in the year of the rat may not have the best January start this 2022, but they can shift the tide to their favor through hard work to overcome slumps from recent years. 

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