Is the Xbox Mini Fridge a Console? Answered (2023)

Is the Xbox Mini Fridge a Console? Answered (2023)

Microsoft turned a viral joke into reality when they released the Xbox mini-fridge, which garnered lots of attention for its interesting concept and design. This confused quite a few people and got them thinking, "Is the Xbox mini-fridge a console"?

Our team researched and compiled everything you should know about the new Xbox mini-fridge!

XBox Mini-Fridge: Is It A Console?

XBox Mini-Fridge: Is It A Console?

While the novelty product has some striking resemblances to an actual Xbox Series X, it is NOT a console - it's a mini-fridge.

Released by Microsoft in response to a viral joke, the Xbox mini-fridge is an answer to the growing trend of people wanting a more convenient gaming experience [1].

It is a space-saver, energy-efficient, and can hold up to 12 soda cans, two bottles of water, one bottle of wine, and a couple of snacks.

Although it shares many similarities with a console, the Xbox mini-fridge is undoubtedly bigger, so you definitely won't mistake it for an actual gaming console.

What Makes It A Gaming Fridge 


The Xbox Mini-Fridge functions like any other regular refrigerator, but its sleek design and fresh look are what sets it apart. In addition, its aesthetic keeps the loyal fans of the Xbox series happy - an answered prayer according to hardcore Xbox fans!

Remote Controls

The Xbox mini-fridge has a sync button at the bottom right corner, which lights up the Xbox logo when pressed. An "eject button" also turns on the green LED when pressed. If in case you need to charge your gadget while playing a game, all you have to do is plug it into the USB port located just below the sync button.

Simulation Ability

The Xbox mini-fridge has simulation abilities - just in a different way. You can control its temperature by choosing between its 2 settings: eco and max. The eco setting is, of course, more energy-saving, but it doesn't really make much difference in reducing the fan's noise.  

4K Graphics & 8K Resolution

4K Graphics & 8K Resolution

Another rather unusual quality of the Xbox Mini-Fridges is that they come with 4K graphics and 8K resolution. You may be thinking, "This isn't even a console. What do you mean by that?"

Microsoft claimed that the "4k graphics and 8k resolution" simply means that the Xbox Mini-Fridges will provide a high-definition experience IN REAL LIFE. Simply put, you can touch and interact with the product itself. 

You can arrange your favorite drinks inside and post photos of how cool your mini-fridge is. (Yes, we had to include the "bragging rights").

Cooling Features

What's a fridge without cooling features? Well, the Xbox Mini-Fridge has a built-in fan that cools the unit's internal components. If you don't mind spending approximately $99 - $120, then you can upgrade your self-sufficient gaming room with this novelty product.

Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity

The Xbox Mini-Fridge can store up to 12 cans of soda, 2 bottles of water, or 1 bottle of wine. The shelves are removable, so you can definitely adjust them according to your needs [2].

There are also mini shelves on the door, so you have a place for your favorite chocolates and mini snacks. But how big is the Xbox Mini-Fridge?

How The Xbox Mini-Fridge Differs From A Console

You can play games with your console, but you definitely cannot play games with the Xbox mini-fridge. Although designed just like a console, this mini-fridge functions just like any other refrigerator on the market today. 

You can use it to stock up on your favorite snacks and drinks so you and your best buds can play all day long without having to go out for snacks.

Did someone say Xbox and chill?


Can you play games in the Xbox Mini-Fridge?

No, you can't play games in the Xbox mini-fridge simply because, as the name suggests, it is a mini-fridge. The product is marketed for people who prefer to play games and have their drinks and snacks handy. 

Is the Xbox Mini-Fridge limited edition?

No, the Xbox mini-fridge is not a limited edition product. Microsoft claimed that the mini-fridge was developed as a response to a viral joke about the Xbox Series X looking like a refrigerator, so they turned it into reality. You can buy the Xbox mini-fridge from trusted retailers in selected countries.

In Summary 

The Xbox Mini-fridge is not a gaming console - it is a mini-fridge designed to look like one. Of course, this is a great appliance for every hardcore gamer out there! This gaming-themed fridge is sleek, stylish, modern, and a hundred percent functional. 

If on the lookout for trusted Xbox Series X mini-fridge retailers, make sure to check Toynk out! Never miss another opportunity to get that sweet victory just because you have to go down for a bottle of energy drink.

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