Nintendo Switch vs Wii Full Comparison

Nintendo Switch vs Wii Full Comparison (2024 Updated)

Nintendo is a colossal name in the gaming industry. They're the company that produced some of the most popular consoles like the Nintendo DS, Wii U, and Gameboy. They've also gained popularity for producing and franchising Wii games like Pokemon, Super Mario, Zelda, and Wii sports.

With the release of the new Nintendo Switch, more people are wondering which is a better gamepad between Nintendo Switch vs Wii.

Is the Switch better on all fronts, or should people stick to the more classic console?

Which Is Better, Nintendo Switch or Wii?

Nintendo Switch vs. Wii U

It all boils down to personal preferences.

The newer Nintendo Switch has better internal storage and a massive leap in processing power. It also resembles much of the Wii U, except it's a standalone device and isn't an auxiliary controller to the console.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Wii also has amazing features to boast, like the wheel used to play Mario Kart Wii.

Both systems pack good games and allow users to play multiplayer mode.

A Closer Look

Theme & Graphics

Nintendo Switch boasts superior theme and graphics performance than its aged predecessor. It uses an inferior chipset called the IBM PowerPC broadway, while the Switch has the Nvidia Tegra X1, that's 10 times more powerful.

This allows users to play games more enjoyably with more immersive graphics and frame rates, whether on TV or in a handheld configuration. The details are much clearer and more high-quality, which is a big deal in today's gaming landscape.


One commendable thing about the Nintendo Wii is its backward compatibility. This means you can use Wii using the software and accessories of prior console generations, including the Nintendo GameCube's controllers, software, and memory cards.

The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, doesn't have backwards compatibility - but that's not a cause for worry. Aside from the Joy-Con, it's compatible with a third-party controller like the Dualshock or Microsoft Xbox One.

However, data and software are limited natively to the console.

Controller Durability

game controller in black color

While the Joy-Con controller reinforced the hybrid console setup of the Nintendo Switch, it's not free from flaws. The biggest, perhaps, is the accidental registers even when players aren't doing anything.

For FPS titles like Fortnite, that could be problematic. You may need to purchase the pro controller for quick-paced great games like so.

Conversely, the Nintendo Wii controller didn't have the same problem. Granted, it looked weird when released, given its remote-like structure; it is arguably more ergonomic than the Joy-Cons. The only problem is its battery life. Replacing the batteries of the Wii remote will never be fun.

Flexibility & Portability

Nintendo Switch is the portable device between the two. Having a Switch allows you to game at home by connecting your console to an external display. However, you can also game on the go by combining the mini-screen with the Joy-Cons for handheld gameplay.

The Nintendo Wii doesn't have this same portability and flexibility. To use their services, you need the entire system set up, which includes the console itself, an external display like a TV, and the sensor. Everything must be in place before you can play baseball.

Games Offered

nintendo 3d games

Nintendo Switch has significantly more games than the Nintendo Wii. With more emerging indies by the hour, they can take advantage of Switch's newer hardware and software.

Most people will also love to game newer titles than those from the old days. Plus, you can get exclusive games via digital downloads into your switch library.

On the other hand, while the channel surfing and lovable main menu were great selling points for the Nintendo Wii, playing is very limited. Plus, the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS eShop is set to permanently close on March 27, 2023 [1].


The Nintendo Wii takes the cake in the accessory department. The Wiimote allows for state-of-the-art motion controls that make it always fun to navigate.

You can also integrate a Wii wheel or a Wii gun for playing exclusive titles. One popular game that uses the gun accessory is The House of the Dead: Overkill.

Apart from using other controllers, there are not many accessories for Switch. Check out some gifts for Nintendo Lovers here

Ease of Use

The feeling of convenience that you can operate a Nintendo Switch in a portable or fixed fashion is already a big win for people in America. Casual gamers are okay with games played on a small screen. Apart from the slot using cartridges, the Switch is pretty straightforward [2].

Playing with the Wii or Wii U is a bit of a hassle for people:

  1. The wires are an eyesore.
  2. Having to hame on a big screen is inconvenient.
  3. Wii sports are not as popular as they once were.

During their respective times, you can download games directly into the system. However, that feature is only reserved for the Switch today.

Added Features

  • Messaging

One selling point of the Wii is being connected to the world through Wii messaging, a feature lacking in Nintendo Switch, although there are apps that allow such functionality.

  • Game History

You can redownload previously owned titles back to your Wii and Nintendo Switch.

  • Personalization

Users could create their Mii on Wii, while this feature isn't available in the settings of Nintendo Switch.

  • Capture Button

The Switch has a capture button to see your best highlights.

System & Motion Control Upgrade

playing on a nintendo switch

If a game is compatible, you can use accessories that take advantage of motion control. However, it may not be worth it money-wise, especially 15 years since it was first released.

Price & Value

The Nintendo Wii may not be worth it nowadays. You can game, but they won't be as prestigious as they used to be, especially with newer titles.

The Switch is certainly a better option for today, although keep in mind that the titles are expensive. But why are Nintendo Switch games expensive?


Does Nintendo Switch work like a Wii?

The Nintendo Switch operates very differently from the Wii. While you can game similar titles on both consoles, the gameplay is different. There are no motion sensors, and the controllers work differently.

Is Nintendo Wii discontinued?

The Nintendo Wii has been discontinued for quite some time now. Plus, the Wii eShop is set to close in 2023. This sign tells you that a Wii is not worth it in 2022.

The Final Verdict

The Wii has cemented itself as one of the best consoles to game on for the past decade. However, fun is at its end, especially with Nintendo planning to end the support for Wii/U and 3DS in 2023.

Buying a Nintendo Switch is the smartest option if you're adamant about purchasing Nintendo products. Otherwise, a Playstation 5 or an Xbox One may be more suitable for high-end gaming.

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