90s Theme Party Outfits

15 Best 90s Theme Party Outfits: What To Wear (2023)

Ahh, the 90s. It was a time of Friends, Furbies, and fancy parties.

However, if there’s one thing that stood out during the decade, it was the grungy and hip-hop-tastic fashion scene.

Are you throwing a 90s party this Christmas (or attending one)? Here are 90s theme party outfits that’ll make everyone think you understood the assignment fully.

Top 15 Outfits To Rock Any 90s Theme Party

1. 90s Artist Statement Outfits

woman wearing outfit inspired by Rachel Green of Friends

A t-shirt that shows a famous artist during the 90s is one of the best ways to embody the spirit of the decade (think Madonna or the Spice Girls).

Pair this with baggy denim jeans, platform sandals, and glittery blue eyeshadow for a well-thought-out 90s look.

2. Oversized Shirt & Baggy Pants (With Bandanas)

During the 90s, people loved their baggy pants to pieces. Embrace this 90s-style fashion by wearing the oversized shirt and baggy pants combo.

Add a bit of sexiness to the whole outfit by wearing a skin-tight cropped top underneath the oversized shirt and having the waistband of your underwear peek out from the baggy pants.

Complete the 90s party outfit by wrapping a bandana around your forehead, reminiscent of how Aaliyah (90s R&B artist) did it. [1]

3. Short Denim Jeans & Vest Top

woman wearing denim short, shirt and cardigan

90s fashion treated their vests differently — instead of wearing them over suits, they were worn as independent pieces.

They were made with various materials, too, including leather, velour, and silk.

It was considered stylish to wear a vest with short denim skirts or shorts. [2] Complete the 90s party outfit with white socks and Converse sneakers.

4. 90s Tracksuit, Sneakers, & Kangol Hats

The tracksuit was extremely popular during the 90s, especially amongst emerging hip-hop artists.

Take a page out of their book by donning a comfy tracksuit in a size that’s a bit too large for you. Make sure you get one in a bright color because the 90s loved their neon!

Pair the tracksuit with chunky gold necklace chains, colorful sneakers, and a Kangol cap.

You’ll definitely look like you just stepped out of a 90s fashion magazine with this outfit. Check out some White Lie party ideas here

5. Classic Grunge Style

The 90s era was all about grunge-style outfits. Opt for edgy pieces like leather jackets, chokers, combat boots, and ripped jeans if you want to come across as a grunge goddess at the 90s party.

These outfit ideas work great for all body types, too.

Pair 90s band tees (Pearl Jam or Nirvana) with frayed denim shorts worn over fishnet stockings.

Finish the outfit with laced-up combat boots, oval-framed sunglasses, and messy 90s hair for the 90s party.

6. 90s Schoolgirl Uniform

The schoolgirl uniform fashion was popularized by none other than the decade’s Princess of Pop, Britney Spears.

In 1998, the iconic music video for … Baby, One More Time was released, and the rise of schoolgirl uniform fashion with it. [3]

This look is pretty easy to pull off because you’ll probably have most pieces in your wardrobe already.

Pair a plain or plaid skirt with a white button-down top tied in a knot just above your belly button. Finish the 90s party outfit with a pair of Mary Janes and long, white socks.

Don’t forget to do your hair up in pigtails!

7. Overalls With One Strap Down

Denim overalls aren’t just for field workers and farmers — they were a fashion statement in the 90s, too!

In fact, they were pretty trendy during the decade — these clothes were seen worn by Will Smith and Jennifer Aniston on TV, no less.

Wear denim overalls with a rayon shirt in super bright colors for an outfit that screams classic 90s party. You can pair this with white sneakers or stylish work boots.

8. Wool Coat, Turtle Neck, & Bucket Hat

woman wearing turtleneck for fall outfit

90s artists used to appear on the red carpet with wool coats. Take a page out of their book by sporting oversized wool coats at your 90s party!

Wear the coat with a light-colored turtle neck sweater, casual pants, and a bucket hat in a complementary color. Finish the look with chunky gold chain necklaces and equally chunky platform shoes.

9. Camouflage Cropped Top & Bottom

Everyone went gaga over the camouflage print when Destiny’s Child wore it for the Survivor music video. This solidified it as a print closely associated with the 90s! [4]

It’ll be easy to find camouflage tops and bottoms in thrift shops or online. Add a bit of sexiness to this otherwise structured print by opting for a cropped camouflage top instead and pairing it with low-rise camouflage cargo pants to your 90s party.

Finish that badass 90s party outfit with a pair of sturdy combat boots.

10. Turtleneck Top & High Waist Jeans

The turtleneck top and high-waisted jeans were a classic fashion combo during the 90s — even entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs wore it to their business presentations.

To recreate this classic 90s theme look, wear a black turtleneck sweater over a pair of light-washed jeans and a black leather belt.

You can wear this 90s theme party outfit with silver necklace chains and a fanny pack — two accessories that were also pretty popular at the time.

11. Overall Leather Outfit

woman wearing all leather outfit

Today, wearing a leather-on leather outfit would be considered a faux pas. However, 30 years ago, did you know that leather on leather clothing was considered good?

Enter LL Cool J, one of the biggest hip-hop artists of the 90s. He made leather-on-leather clothes a thing only cool kids wore.

Wear a leather jacket over loose leather pants and chunky leather sneakers for a 90s theme outfit perfect for a 90s theme party.

Don’t forget your leather gloves and headscarf, and roll up one pant leg in the “Ghetto style.”

12. 90s Tennis Outfit & Thick Headband

During the 90s, the tennis outfit wasn’t only seen on the court but also on the red carpet. Tennis stars, who used thick headbands to keep their hair out of their eyes while they played, popularized this look, which the general public considered trendy.

Thick headbands were paired with preppy and sporty clothing to complete an iconic 90s look.

You can recreate the athletic wear by wearing a tennis shirt (in a similar color) and acid-washed jeans with a thick headband. Finish off the look with a pair of FILA, Reebok, or Nike sneakers.

13. Tracksuit, Unlaced Shoes, & Gold Chain

Can you tell that the 90s loved their tracksuits — this is the second time it’s listed on this list. This time, try choosing a tracksuit in a more subdued color, like black, while making sure that the Adidas three stripes are contrasting.

Pair the tracksuit with lace-free shoes and some chunky gold chains for an outfit that looks like it came straight from a 90s fashion magazine.

14. Blazer With Rolled Up Sleeves & Undershirt Tees

Oversized blazers with plain cotton shirts were huge in the 90s. Most big stars wore them because they exuded a smart casual style that looked put-together, whether in an office setting or on a night out. Roll up the sleeves for an ultra-relaxed feel.

This 90s style is the perfect marriage of fashion and function. Start by choosing an oversized blazer in a nice, neutral color, and wear it with a plain t-shirt in a contrasting color. Wear light blue jeans and accessorize with a belt that matches the blazer’s color.

Your shoes can be anything, from Chuck Taylors, to loafers, to suede Moccasins.

15. Plaid Sets Matched With Thigh-High Socks

outfit with pleated skirt and high socks

Everyone (us included) wanted plaid sets when they watched Alicia Silverstone rock it in Clueless.

In fact, we can even say that this look defined the plaid print as we started seeing it everywhere — in slip dresses, casual pants, and even cardigans.

Keep things simple by wearing a plaid set (think blazer and skirt) to a 90s party. Knee socks are also a staple, and finish off the look with a pair of preppy Mary Janes.


What did females wear in the 90s?

Baggy jeans, cropped tops, slip dresses, and anything plaid was a smash hit for women in the 90s. They loved to accessorize these outfits with choker necklaces, beaded bracelets, and chunky chain necklaces.

What outfits were popular in the 90s?

Hip-hop and grunge outfits were popular in the 90s. Grunge resembles what you would typically see rock stars wearing, like lived-in distressed denim jeans paired with oversized band tees.

What’s a good 90s theme party outfit for couples?

90s party outfit ideas for couples would be bright graphic tees with loose-fitting jeans for guys and colorful skirts and tops for women.

In Summary

And there you go — the top 90s party outfit ideas, perfect for your upcoming 90s party!

The 90s was a wild decade in fashion. It was a time of curious experimentation, which is why contrasting elements were all the rage (i.e., formal blazers and casual pants).

Take inspiration from any of the combinations we’ve listed above to find one that best suits your personality.

Remember: with the right accessories and a few key pieces, you’ll be ready to celebrate wearing the ultimate 90s party outfit.

So dig through your closet, find your favorite 90s-inspired pieces, and get ready to party like it’s 1999!


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