Christmas Outfit Ideas

7 Best Christmas Outfit Ideas For 2023 (Updated)

The festive air is upon us once again. You know it’s Christmas when malls and markets get brighter, it’s blue and green all over, and everyone seems to be looking for unique and chic holiday attire to match the festivities.

Before you rush to the mall or add to your online cart haste, our team compiled some Christmas outfit ideas to help you select the best holiday outfit.

Top 7 Awesome Christmas Outfit Ideas

1. Faux Ladies Ugly Christmas Vest Costume T-Shirt Adult


You can rock at costume parties with this effortless green and red combo.

This piece is the classic Christmas look, and it is evident from the printed jingle bell button, gingerbread men, and snowflake patterns.

Despite the festive look, the material surely feels comfy and soft.

2. Red & Green Christmas Stockings Costume Accessory


Sweet and chic, here is another piece of clothing you can incorporate into your red and green palette combo.

The red and green stocking perfectly complements a red skirt and high heels. It’s one-size-fits-all, and this will definitely help you turn heads at any party.

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3. Special Delivery From Santa Christmas Rider Costume


Creative and fun, this Christmas rider costume will not disappoint. It is an easy pull-up pants with a Santa Claus character as though carrying you up.

It is versatile as it pulls up to a 34-inch waist, and anyone can surely pull off this creative costume.

It’s also lightweight, so you can still run and win all those party games!

4. Christmas Tree And Snowman Costume Leggings Adult Women


If you are looking for Christmas-themed leggings to pair up with your combat or knee-high boots, these Christmas tree and snowman leggings could be right up your alley.

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit, you can wear this under an emerald satin dress or a black velvet ensemble for that sassy holiday look.

5. Green Christmas Tree Men's Christmas Costume Suit


Costume parties would not be entertaining without men dressed like Christmas trees.

This costume suit for men is made of polyester and is an excellent choice to achieve that dapper look that makes you stand out at parties.

The whole ensemble includes a green jacket, pants, and tie adorned with festive Christmas tree bells, ornaments, and lights.

6. The Lumberjack Opposuits Men's Costume Suit


In contrast to the green Christmas tree suit, the Lumberjack Opposuits is a more toned-down yet equally stylish Christmas look.

The plaid in red, black, and white combo creates a smart and striking overall look. Pair it with a white undershirt and men’s leather shoes, and you’re good to go!

7. Christmas Story Bunny Dress Adult Costume


The bunny dress costume for adults at Toynk is also strut-worthy. This set includes a dress with a hood, elbow-length gloves, and matching glasses.

With this complete set, you can achieve that all-out pink, cute, yet sexy style. The elbow-length gloves add sass and sophistication to the look.

With some hair curls and a black or red stiletto, you can have a sexy and cute look.

Tips In Choosing Your Outfits

Go Red

girl wearing red longsleeve shirt with white collar and a skirt

Whether it’s an outfit as vibrant red as Santa’s or the fruit cherry, you can never go wrong with a look in red [1].

Besides the fact that the color red generally gives you that regal look and confidence, the color red is also the prominent color of Christmas, so you will definitely be in season and style.

You just have to master how colors work in an outfit. If you picked a strong red top, neutralize it with a black, white, or metallic skirt.

Get Cozy But Cute

Your outfit at Christmas parties need not always be sequins and silver.

Achieve that cozy and cute Christmas look with a plain or turtleneck sweater, whether knitted or plain or made from wool or cotton.

You may opt for those embroidered with Christmas symbols to fit the holiday theme better.

Pair your sweater with tattered skinny jeans, and complete your look with ankle-high boots and a cute red beanie.

A turtleneck sweater looks cute when you pair it with a plaid skirt.

Striped knee socks could also make your holiday attire even cozier if you just plan to stay home during the holidays.

Be Sassy & Lace-y

woman wearing a black lace net sleeve shirt and a pants

If you are in the mood for a sassy and lacey holiday fit, a black velvet dress with plain or laced elbow-length hand gloves will make you a dazzling star of the party.

Another option you could choose is a metallic silver v-neck blazer or a faux fur coat with a matching undershirt in a neutral or complementary color.

You can also be sassy and casual at the same time by choosing a black turtleneck, skinny jeans, and laced-up combat boots.

Classic Flannel & Plaid

You can effortlessly rock a laid-back look this Christmas, too. Simply bring out your favorite flannel, plaid skirt, scarf, or vest.

Flannel is a very versatile piece. You can wear it as a shirt or as outerwear with a neutral undershirt.

It is also quite multi-purpose in that you may wrap the flannel around your waist for warmth and an extra grunge look when it gets too cold.

Wear Pretty Pink

Pink also makes for a great Christmas palette. It is a fun, feminine, and festive color, so it is a perfect choice.

To fully embody the charm of this color, you may adorn your overall look with cute ribbons or glittery accessories.

A combination of red, white, and pink would also double the chicness and fun.

Balance the vibrant color with a soft-toned camisole or a scarf made of light material with subtle patterns or designs.

Go Floral

woman wearing a red floral longsleeve shirt and a red pants

If you would want to match the festivities, wearing anything floral can be a perfect choice if done seamlessly.

The flower patterns create a sweet, bubbly, yet feminine look.

However, avoid an overwhelming blend of colors and patterns.

It is better to strike a balance, keep the patterns at a minimum, and complement the look with neutral bottoms and accessories.

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Effortlessly Chic

If you aim for an effortlessly chic look, select a dress that perfectly fits your size and highlights your feminine features [2].

The fabric in which your dress is made matters, and whether it is made of velvet, wool, or cotton is up to you.

Pair it with knee-high boots and a high-quality coat when going outside.

Glitter & Shine

Christmas is more fun when there is more glitter around. It also adds sass when you incorporate it into an outfit.

A satin dress with the right amount of glitter and sequins makes for a stunning, head-turner look.

It is an excellent choice for a holiday date night or formal parties with your team in the workplace.

Classic Green & Red Combo

The green and red combo as an outfit palette is rather common, but one that you can easily style.

It is a good starting point or last resort when you cannot think of any theme to go for at the last minute.

If the pieces you have are in too dominant colors, throw in a soft-toned camisole or a neutral undershirt, statement accessories then you’re good to go.

An emerald green dress will not look good on any jeans or footwear.

Matching Pajamas With Family

a family wearing  matching onesies pajama

This Christmas, the family that wears matching pajamas together stays together. The idea of matching outfits is brilliant.

It is fun, jovial, and cost- and time-efficient as it saves you from buying new and one-time pieces.

In addition, you would all look harmonious and knitted together in matching shirts, pajamas, and beanies.

Take fun and memorable pictures in that no-brainer holiday theme meant for families.


What is the best color for Christmas clothes?

This year's best color for Christmas clothes is vibrant crimson or emerald green.

If you do not want to stand out too much, you may tone down the strong hues with white or their complementary colors at varying degrees.

You may add metallic gold, silver, or copper accents to elevate your Christmas look.

What do you wear to a casual Christmas party?

You can wear anything red or dark green to a casual Christmas party.

Opt for accessories like a belt or purse in classic white or monochromatic colors to neutralize strong colors.

For women, you can never go wrong with a slightly larger red sweater with bishop sleeves paired with black velvet or a knee-length metallic white skirt.

What should my family wear for Christmas pictures?

Your family can wear matching pajamas, hoodies, onesies, or beanies for your Christmas pictures.

The secret to looking cohesive as a family in Christmas photos is a harmonious mix of colors and patterns.

You may opt for solid Christmas colors, festive patterns, plaid, or tartan. Anything is good as long as you look great together and everyone is in on the fun.

Happy Holidays!

Whether you are spending your holidays with your family and friends or your team in the workplace, the right holiday attire is extremely important.

What you’d wear would definitely be captured in photos years from now, so it’s better to be prepared.

A lumberjack costume suit would be a dashing ensemble for men. It’s versatile, so you can pair it with white shoes for a more casual feel or black leather shoes for a trendy look.

The pink bunny dress for women is the perfect balance between cute, festive, and sassy.

Depending on the footwear you opt for, you can be casual or sleek, but you can never go wrong with a red stiletto.

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