10 Best Pokemon Party Ideas To Try (2023 Updated)

10 Best Pokemon Party Ideas To Try (2023 Updated)

Adding themes to a kids’ party will definitely make their special day more fun and exciting. 

If you want to give all kids (and the young ones at heart) a truly memorable and awesome experience, then take your Pokeball out and make sure to catch all the best Pokemon party ideas we will be throwing at you!

10 Awesome Ideas For Your Pokemon Party

1. Send-out Pokemon Invites

Send-out Pokemon Invites

Pocket Monsters, famously known as Pokemon, was released in Japan in 1996, making it one of the greatest Nintendo games [1]. One of the most awesome Pokemon party ideas would be to create an invitation featuring the show’s famous characters!

If you’re hosting a birthday party, you can make an invitation with a Pokemon Card theme that will certainly excite the guests, especially the kids. You can also create an online invitation post and let your buddies know that you are about to throw a Pokemon party for fans.

2. Set A Theme

If you’re about to send out a Pokemon party invitation, don’t forget to have a setup that matches the occasion. Setting a theme is one of the best Pokemon birthday party ideas to make a simple celebration fun for all the party guests. 

You can have decorations from a full theme Pokémon party or make “Detective Pikachu” the star. Some party games ideas include Pokemon Piñata and Gotta Catch’ Em (easter egg hunt).

3. Flaunt A Pokemon Cake

Flaunt A Pokemon Cake

Pokemon party themes won’t be complete without a cake. To host a great Pokémon party, grab a Pokeball or a Pikachu cake. You can also create your cake featuring cute Pokemon characters like Charmander and Bulbasaur.

Nonetheless, if you have a limited time to prepare for a Pokemon birthday party, you can use cake toppers to decorate a simple cake. There are also ready-made Pokemon cakes you can grab -  from Pikachu to a ball-shaped Pokeball. We've got more Pokemon cake ideas here

4. Dress Up As A Pokemon

While Pokemon has been around since the 1990s, Pikachu is undoubtedly its iconic character that we see up to the present, from bags to plushies [2]. So, another birthday party idea we recommend is to dress up as a Pokémon!

If your child wants to be a Pokemon Master, you can let them dress as Ash or Misty or dress up in yellow and accessorize with Pikachu ears. You can also let kids who would attend the party wear their favorite Pokemon for added excitement!

5. Prepare A Pokemon Banner

Prepare A Pokemon Banner

Another great party planning idea is to have a banner or a sign on what the event is all about. Be it a birthday or Pokemon Party for fans, having a banner completes the event’s overall setup. 

You can create a Pokémon banner that can be placed at the center of the event and may contain greetings, or the occasion celebrated, such as a birthday party. Also, you can grab a Pokemon party banner to make the event even more festive. 

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6. Print Pokemon Cut-Outs & Decorate

If you’re a mom who likes to craft ideas, look for inspiration from Frog Prince Paperie or cute free printable Pokemon, like Pikachu. This idea is very simple and economical, allowing you to decorate any way you want.

Grab some Pokemon party printables to make a banner, cake toppers, or game materials. You can also use Pokeball printables and black electrical tape to stick it on a ball and use it as a decoration.

7. Use Pokemon Balloons

Use Pokemon Balloons

Aside from cake, parties become livelier with balloons. It is the first that comes to mind when birthday party decorations are considered. The best thing is, you can easily tie these on each kid’s seat. 

For more exciting Pokemon party ideas, go for balloons printed with Pokeballs or Pikachu! In addition, your party would look grander if you would use black, white, and red balloons throughout the event area. 

There are also ready-made Pokemon character balloons you can use for decorations, like Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. So, how many Pokemon are there in total?

8. Prepare Fun Games

Whether it’s a kids’ birthday party or adult fans gathering for their love of Pokemon, preparing fun games never gets old. You can go from toss ball to the adult Bingo game to keep everyone entertained.

  • Toss Ball

The Toss Ball Pokemon party games use ping pong balls thrown at a cup. The player with the most shot balls wins!

  • Pin The Tail (Pikachu)

In the “Pin The Tail game,” the player is blindfolded and spun up to 5 times. Once set free, the player will win if they get it close to pin Pikachu Tail to its body.

  • Pokemon Bingo

Bingo is a perfect game for adult Pokemon fans who are also into the game of chance. You can look for Pokemon Bingo printables and use cut-out Pokeballs for daubers.

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9. Have Pokemon Cupcakes

Have Pokemon Cupcakes

Apart from cake pops and candy, aesthetically designed Pokemon cupcakes will definitely make kids (and adults) go crazy! You can make your own cupcake and use fondant to create cute Pokemon characters like Pikachu or just design them like Pokeballs. 

You can also use store-bought cupcakes and Pokemon cake toppers as alternatives. Then, stack them up beside the cake.

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10. Give Pokemon Party Favors

A goody bag is the very reason most guests wait until parties end. While kids would be happy to take home balloons and candy from the Piñata game, they’re simply waiting for the bag of treats from the start!

One of the best Pokemon birthday party ideas is to give party favors like temporary tattoos, candies, Pokeballs, and other Pokemon-inspired gifts and toys. 


What do you do at a Pokemon party?

You can play Pokemon party games like Gotta catch em, Pokemon Piñata, and Water Balloon Toss. Aside from ball games, you can meet other fans and share your rarest Pokemon finds. There are many activities to do at a Pokemon party; all you have to do is be creative!  

Can adults have a Pokemon party?

Yes, adults can have a Pokemon party. Although the children enjoy playing, adults can also have Pokemon party blasts and have fun with their friends. For fun party ideas, you can play with Pokemon Go balls and the Catch ‘Em Game, finding various creatures hidden in the event site.

In Summary

With our Pokemon party ideas, we hope that planning events for your child or friends’ gatherings will become easier. From choosing fun and exciting games, preparing Pokemon-inspired food, to having a good event setup, these friendly pocket monsters are not only for kids but also for those who would like to look back on the good ‘ol times.

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