Olalla the Owl Squishmallow

Olalla the Owl Squishmallow: Complete Guide (2023)

Meet Olalla The Owl Squishmallow!

  • Name: Olalla The Owl
  • Type: Owl
  • Color: Pink and White
  • Available Size/s: 5’’
  • Squishdate: 2022
  • Model/SKU Number: KTY-1211147-OLA-C


Short Bio

Olalla likes to read and write. She excels at writing history books, is passionate about education, and loves reading comics.

She also enjoys sports and is an avid hockey lover. Would you want to join her for a lovely reading day and a nail-biting hockey game?

Key Features


Olalla the Owl is made of 100% cotton, polyester, and polyurethane.

The stuffing is a hypoallergenic synthetic fiber, making her a unique squishable owl made from cozy, soft, and durable material.

She has a cute face and a friendly smile, making her the perfect gift for any owl lover!


Olalla the Owl is a round, pink Squishmallow with a yellow beak and big eyes. She has a small body and wings made of soft, plush material.

Olalla also has small pretty eyes with curled lashes.

Other Similar Squishmallows


Winston the Owl Squishmallow

Winston is a teal owl who aspires to be the next cooking master. His favorite dish is Mac and Cheese, and his friends always support his culinary endeavors.


Fania the Owl Squishmallow

Fania is a purple owl who loves fairytales. She loves reading stories about kingdoms, castles, kings and queens, and adores anything related to royalty.

If you're a fan of stories about knights and prince charming saving the day, then you and Fania would definitely get along!


Harriet the Owl Squishmallow

Harriet is a purple owl from the Valentine Squad. She loves coming up with recipes, especially for Valentine's Day.

In fact, she's creating her own Valentine's Day cookbook right now and is planning on sharing it with her friends.


Jaxton the Owl Squishmallow

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For continuously providing quality products to the general public, Squishmallows won the TOTY People’s Choice Award for Plush Toy of the Year in 2022, and in 2019, won various awards like the National Parenting Product Awards, Plush Toy of the Year Award, Parent and Teacher Choice Award, and Fun Stuff Parents’ Choice Award.

Care Instructions

Handwashing your Squishmallows is the best way to keep them looking their best. Avoid using harsh bristle brushes, as these can damage the fabric.

Instead, use a gentle detergent and avoid scrubbing too vigorously.

Rinse the Squishmallows thoroughly, and then allow them to air dry. Do not put them in the dryer, which can damage the fabric.

For best results, wash your Squishmallows in a mesh laundry bag to protect them from snags and tears.

With proper care, your Squishmallows will stay soft and cuddly for years.

Machine washing them is perfectly fine with the right settings. Just use cold water and normal detergent.

Put your Squishmallow in a pillowcase or mesh laundry bag before washing on a gentle cycle for extra care.

Be sure to tumble dry on low heat; higher temperatures can damage the stuffing and cause the fabric to shrink or melt.


Is the owl Squishmallow rare?

The owl Squishmallow is generally not rare, but these may be out of stock in certain stores or shelves simply because people find them irresistibly cute.

If you want to get your hands on one, you may check out legitimate online retailers like Toynk.

What is the biggest owl Squishmallow you can buy?

The biggest owl Squishmallow you can buy is 16 inches in size. This is the ideal size for cuddling, playtime, and even bringing with you on travels.

If this size is too big for you, you can check out the 5-inch Olalla the Owl Squishmallow from Toynk.

Squish 'Em! 

The Owl Squishmallow is a great addition to any collection, whether you’re just starting out or have been collecting Squishmallows for years.

Whether you want something cute and cuddly or just something fun to play around with, this 5-inch Olalla the Owl Squishmallow is perfect for any occasion.

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