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Daxxon the Purple Alien Squishmallow: Full Guide (2023)

Meet Daxxon the Purple Alien Squishmallow!

  • Name: Daxxon the Purple Alien
  • Type: Alien
  • Color: Purple and blue tie-dye
  • Available Size/s: 8”, 16”, 24”
  • Squishdate: December 20, 2020
  • Squad: Space
  • Relatives: Zinx, Piaxa, Finn, Romina
  • Model/SKU Number: KTY-SQ21-20DAX24-C


Short Bio

Daxxon the Purple Alien is a bubbly member of the Space Squad. Daxxon loves to wander and explore multiple universes.

He has traveled long and far in space - a home he so dearly loves along with his fellow aliens: Zinx, Piaxa, Finn, and Romina.

In his search for new galaxies, he met his best friend Rudy, who shares the same passion for exploration.

Together they have fun making discoveries and flying by the day, like superheroes trying to save their fellow Squishmallows.

Key Features


Polyester fiber and ultra-soft spandex make up the entirety of this alien plushie. It has durable stuffing that makes it fluffy.

The high-quality material makes the toy soft and cuddly, making it the perfect bedtime or playtime buddy.


Daxxon is a unique and charming alien. His overall appearance resembles an alien in a galaxy-like color.

His colors are primarily purple and blue, with silver particles resembling stars in space.

Another one of his distinguishing features is his two long antennae with a lighter shade than the rest of his body.

Daxxon has a smile plastered on his face, a white belly, and purple speckles surrounding it.

Other Alien Squishmallows



Zinx is a smiley alien who is mostly blue and green ombre in color. He likes to stay home, but his uniqueness lies in his sense of humor.

Zinx can also easily cure a bad day with his witty jokes. The biggest Zinx you could get is 16 inches, which is available at Toynk.


Piaxa the Alien Squishmallow

Piaxa is an alien in blue, purple, and pink tie-dye. Her belly has a constellation on it, and she is the only bookworm, setting her apart from the Squishmallows in the squad.

Piaxa is such a curious alien that she gathers information better than anyone and reads books in various genres.


Finn the Alien Squishmallow

Finn has a more defined and wider smile; you can even see his tongue. Like Daxxon, Finn also likes space travel.

In fact, he is the conductor of space travel! He loves collecting tickets and reading about his planet in his downtime.

He also loves trains, so he built a basement filled with many train tracks.


Romina the Alien Squishmallow

Romina belongs to two Squads: Space and Valentine.

Her speckles are pastel pink, has eyes with two eyelashes, a simple smile, and a white belly, all in a rainbow-patterned body.

Romina is an expert at having fun. She claims she does not have the alien life all figured out, but she is a student of the galaxy, so she is always ready for any adventure.

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Squishmallows by KellyToy has been an award-winning toy brand for years now. Recently, it won the 2022 TOTY People's Choice Award for Plush Toy of the Year.

Back in 2019, Squishmallows also bagged several awards, including the National Parenting Product Award, Plush Toy of the Year Award, Creative Child Magazine, Parent and Teacher Choice Award, and the Fun Stuff Parents' Choice Award.

Care Instructions

As an extra measure, it is best to prepare a delicate mesh bag where you may place the plush before tossing it gently into the washer.

Remember to set the machine in a cold setting. After washing, gently tumble dry (do not use hot settings as the material might melt).


Is the alien Squishmallow rare?

Generally, the alien squishmallows category is not rare. However, Daxxon is considered one of the rare Squishmallows and just so happened to fall under the alien category.

Some alien Squishmallows are exclusive collections which mean only selected retailers released them. For instance, Piazza is a Walgreens exclusive.

What is the biggest alien Squishmallow you can buy?

The biggest alien Squishmallow you can buy are 24-inch ones like Daxxon the Purple Alien. Not all alien squishmallow, however, have 24-inch counterparts.

Alien squishmallows of this size are the perfect plushies for kids to snuggle up during playtime or bedtime.

Squish ‘Em!

Daxxon the Purple Alien is definitely cuteness overload! Its adorable smile draws in Squishmallow fans of all ages.

Daxxon the Purple Alien would serve as a lovely gift for all occasions or simply a plushie that could be a stress reliever, playmate, and adorable home decor.

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