Why Are So Many People Mad At Disney Right Now? Solved (2024)

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Disney World is famous for its mesmerizing storytelling and the emotional resonance it gives everyone worldwide. However, their image is not in the right phase, making people mad at them.

But why are so many people mad at Disney right now? 

From the controversial “gay” bill, free FastPass system, longer lines and wait times to the lack of sufficient financial incentive for their crew and cast members, here are the top reasons why the Disney theme parks are in the crosshairs right now.

10 Reasons People Are So Mad At Disney Right Now

1. Political Discussions

The Walt Disney World Company encountered political battles, especially when Disney officials objected to a controversial bill in Florida regarding sexual orientation.

This specific Florida bill prohibits instruction in sexual orientation, gender identity, and queer representation in kindergarten to third grade, which triggered the LGBTQ+ community. 

2. Soaring Prices

Another reason why people are mad at Disney Parks is because of the unbelievable increase in prices at Disney theme parks, which is now at a starting rate of around $447.70 [1]. 

However, Disney executives said the rise is inevitable. Is a magical vacation still possible with the price increases in the Disney theme park?

3. Customer Service Issues

According to Disney fans who visited Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, they experienced horrible customer service from some Disney employees. Guests and fans are disappointed in the theme park’s reservation system and the long lines at popular areas like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Some also complained about the fast passes and Lightning Lanes, saying those who had “more money” to spare were prioritized.

If Disney Resort/Parks wants to continue being regarded as a magical place, then it should definitely work on its guest relations. But how many Disney parks are there?

4. Inflation & Pandemic-Related Layoffs

Disney may have lost its magic when the pandemic hit the world. Due to the restrictions and strict protocols enforced by the government, park visits were significantly reduced, and the Walt Disney Company was forced to lay off 28,000 employees to reduce their costs and save money.

5. Failed Leadership

Disney CEO Bob Chapek

Disney CEO Bob Chapek faced a massive backlash when his pricing strategy clashed with that of Bob Iger’s. Some workers also felt that their needs weren’t exactly looked after, making Bob Chapek one of the most controversial CEOs of the Disney Company [2].

6. Don’t Say Gay Law Criticism

Disney also made people mad because of their objection to the Don't Say Gay Bill of Florida (or the Parental Rights in Education Act). Many cast members walked out when the Disney Company publicly opposed it. Of course, this gained Disney a massive backlash which they are still trying hard to recover from.

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7. Fewer Hotel Perks

Disneyland Hotel Resort

Disney fanatics definitely love the idea of having a Disney family vacation. However, guests noticed that their Disney vacation wasn't as magical as it used to be, especially when the hotel perks were reduced as Disney's response to the onslaught of the pandemic.

Add to this the laying off of employees, which means the workforce, along with the hotel perks, are significantly reduced.

8. Disney Genie+

The Disney FastPass system (which has been around for the past 22 years) was replaced with the app-based Disney Genie+, and while it's supposed to come up with a lightning lane (especially those with park hopper tickets), it only created a huge fuss over Disney goers because it's too expensive (even for those making money) and riddled with various technical issues.

9. Complimentary Offerings Disappeared

Many Disney goers, especially those who take the time out to prepare a Disney vacation planner for the whole family, noticed the disappearance of several complimentary offerings.

This includes the Magical Express transportation, which was discontinued in the early part of 2022, and the free Magicbands (which is soon to be replaced with the Magicband+).

This disappearance of these complimentary offerings is also one of the main reasons why Disney goers feel like they are paying for more than what they actually used to.

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10. Disney Park Passes

Disney's park system website

Most visitors are not happy with the Disney Park passes as this just became a nuisance, especially for those who like taking spontaneous trips. Aside from the rising prices, the site sometimes undergoes a glitch (or a technical problem), making it harder to secure slots.

This also means that trips to Disney should be planned beforehand and checked online to see if there are any available passes for your chosen date.


Why is #BoycottDisney trending right now?

#BoycottDisney is trending for numerous reasons, including their political stance, soaring admission prices, customer service issues, and even their pandemic-related layoffs. People are complaining about long waiting lines, issues with the system, and are saying how Disney isn't exactly as "magical" as it used to be.

What is Disney doing to make people love them again?

Disney is working on their PR issues and is doing its best to win over the hearts of people again by being more "inclusive," which can be seen in the recent Disney movies released. These titles include Encanto, Lightyear, Moana, and Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse.

Final Verdict

There are lots of reasons why people are angry at Disney right now, and it even came to the point where they called to #BoycottDisney. From Disney's political stance that sparked outrage in the LGBTQ+ community, long lines and waiting times, reduction of hotel perks and complimentary offerings, up to the various customer service issues, Disney goers surely have a valid point.

Now that Disney knows how their loyal customers feel, they should prioritize these issues and solve them as soon as possible so that they can continue living up to their promise of being the "most magical place on Earth."

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