My Boyfriend Didn't Get Me A Valentine's Gift

My Boyfriend Didn't Get Me A Valentine's Gift: What It Means

Every person in a relationship is looking out for various occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and of course, Valentine’s Day.

If you’re a lady, one thing you’d never want to ask your friends is this: “my boyfriend didn’t get me a Valentine’s gift; what should I do?

To spare you the embarrassment, our team researched and created an in-depth list of the various reasons why your boyfriend forgot to give you a gift (or did so intentionally).

My Boyfriend Didn’t Get Me A Valentine’s Gift – What It Really Means

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It could be hard to confine to 1 reason why your boyfriend didn’t get you any gift for Valentine’s.

Generally, some reasons why this embarrassing and heartbreaking event happened include: he’s just too busy, your gift might still be in transit, or worse, he doesn’t love you anymore.

It might also be because he’s planning a surprise for you or because he views valentine’s as a “Hallmark Holiday.”

5 Common Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Didn’t Buy You Gifts

1. He Thinks Valentine’s Day Is A “Hallmark Holiday”

When something is branded as a Hallmark Holiday, it means that the occasion is viewed as something that only exists for commercial purposes [1].

Your boyfriend might be looking at Valentine’s Day as “overrated” and might even be giving you that “every day should be Valentine’s Day” speech. But what's the worst Valentine's Day gift you could ever receive?

2. You’re In For A Surprise

Don’t get your hopes up, but the reason why your boyfriend hasn’t given you your Valentine's gift yet is that you’re in for a surprise treat.

This is one common scheme, and your boyfriend might want you to think that he really forgot to give you a gift when in fact, he already has everything lined up for you.

3. Your Gift May Not Have Arrived Yet

Whether we like it or not, this happens, and most of the time, it shows a lack of preparation. Your gift may not be in yet, because, guess what? It’s still in transit.

4. He’s Too Busy & Lost Track Of Time

If you have a hustler boyfriend, expect that there will be a couple of times when he’ll forget important dates like Valentine’s Day (and he won’t mean to).

While it could be frustrating, note that he’s human too, and this could be a great opportunity to let him “make it up to you.”

5. Worst Case Scenario - He Doesn’t Love You That Much

Lastly, the reason why he “forgot” to get you a Valentine's gift is that he doesn’t love you that much.

If he did, he would pay attention to important dates such as Valentine’s and would even pre-order your gift in advance if needed.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Didn’t Give You Anything

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Express Disappointment Without Blaming Him

While it may be heartbreaking, let him know how disappointed and sad you are without blaming him or calling him a “bad boyfriend.”

He might’ve forgotten it due to his hectic schedule or has a surprise in store for you. You wouldn’t want to spoil a good surprise by causing a fight between the two of you, right?

Express Disappointment Because He’s At Fault

Another thing you can do is express your disappointment (because he’s obviously at fault) but do it in a calm, composed, and still a loving way.

Don’t be the kind of girlfriend who uses material things as a measure of love. Rather, prove that your relationship has depth by letting him know how you feel without coming off as condemning.

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Did You Buy Him A Gift?

Before you throw tantrums for not getting a gift, do you have a gift for your boyfriend in the first place? Note that relationships are two-way streets, and you can’t demand what you can’t give.

Is It Your First-Ever Valentine’s Day As A Couple?

If it’s your first Valentine’s as a couple, your boyfriend may deserve a pass on this one.

After all, this is the first time you’ll celebrate this occasion together, and you may have yet to lay some ground rules.

Have You Openly Discussed That Giving Gifts Is Important In Your Relationship?

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Believe it or not, some people celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's together without giving each other gifts [2].

This is why you both must understand beforehand whether you want to be the kind of couple who gets each other gifts, or will you be happy with each other’s company.

How Long Have You Been Together?

If you’ve just been together in January, it could be a little overwhelming to go out, buy gifts, and plan a huge surprise come February.

If it’s your first Valentine’s Day celebration, then maybe a simple dinner and a movie would suffice until your relationship has stood the test of time.

Did You Plan Your Valentine’s Day Celebration?

Did you plan what you will be doing on valentine’s Day, or is it just a spontaneous kind of thing? Planning how you will spend this occasion is better than not knowing what to do or expect.


How do you deal with disappointment on Valentine's Day?

Express your disappointment calmly and lovingly because, at the end of the day, it’s just a one-day celebration, and you shouldn’t let it ruin the relationship you’ve built over the years.

Do couples give gifts on Valentine's Day?

It depends. Some couples give gifts and some do not. It all boils down to what the two of you agreed upon: do you prefer receiving gifts, or will spending quality time together be better?

Am I supposed to get my boyfriend a Valentine's Day gift?

It depends. If you have agreed with your boyfriend that you’ll be getting each other gifts, or if your boyfriend has given you a gift in the past, then it would be best to get him a gift too.

All Things Considered

While not receiving a Valentine's gift from your boyfriend is frustrating, remember that relationships aren’t built on material things but rather on patience, understanding, and love.

If you and your boyfriend have agreed to get each other gifts, then make sure to know what they really want so you can give them nothing short of the best.

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