Valentine’s Day Card Ideas For Dad

8 Best Valentine’s Day Card Ideas For Dad (2024 Updated)

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we usually think of lovers having fancy dinners and giving each other chocolates and roses.

However, Valentine's Day is not only for lovers. In fact, moms and dads also love to receive a Valentine card from their children on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re looking for Valentine's Day card ideas for dad, prepare your pen and your dad’s corny jokes because we will be using them - a lot.

Top 8 Cool Valentine’s Day Card Ideas For Dads

1. Put Your Dad’s Funny Face Inside The Card

Valentines Card

A daddy or mommy Valentine card will never go wrong if you start the greeting with a laugh. Add a funny face of your dad on his card to make it more personalized (and funny too).

Do this by taking a funny photo of your dad and cutting it to the card’s size. You can even add a meme to the picture if your father is a meme-lord.

2. Write A Funny & Cheesy Message

You can appreciate your dad even if it isn’t Father’s Day. Write a funny & cheesy message for your dad by thanking him for all his efforts for your family.

Use colorful pens such as the Shopkins Colored Gel Pens, 5 Pack, or Shopkins 6-Color Pen to design and write your letter with the funniest dad jokes you know.

You can also use the Marvel Avengers Assemble Colored Gel Pens, 5-Pack to write a funny joke.

Dads are so busy working that people forget they have a heart too. Send something to your daddy that will make them giggle or laugh.

3. Create A Pop - Up Card

If you’re looking for a fun and eye-catching Valentine card for your dad, a Pop-Up Card is the right Valentine's card for you [1]. Just fold and paste, and you’re good to go.

Add a pop-up card from your dad’s favorite objects or hobbies. You can also ask your grandparents about your dad’s favorite sports or food.

You can even purchase a movie ticket for Valentines Day for your dad and mom and add it to the pop-up card to surprise them with an unexpected date night.

4. Use A Black Bow Tie To Seal The Card

Valentines Card with Heart Glitters

A black bow tie card is a classy and fun-to-make project. Your daddy will surely love your Valentines card if you will send him a black bow tie.

You can also add a real bow tie as a gift for your parent’s next night out. It is timeless, and any husband would love to wear a bow tie on a fancy date with their wife.

5. Insert A Gift Card Of His Most Favorite Liquor Brand

If you are of legal age and can purchase a gift card from a liquor store, you can add a twist to your Valentines card by adding a liquor gift card [2].

This will be hard to find for some and will take some time, but your daddy will surely appreciate it if you add a gift card with his favorite booze.

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6. Use A Pizza Or Liquor Bottle Design Instead Of A Heart Cut-Out

Another fun card idea is to make a pizza or liquor bottle design card. Your daddy will surely love receiving a Valentines card designed with his favorite food or drink.

You can also add a bottle of wine with the card if you are of legal age. A glass of champagne for both of your parents will surely add a twist to their Valentine’s Day.

7. List 10 Things You Like About Him

You should steer clear of the common Valentine's card for dads and change it a bit. Be honest and add a list of everything you love about your dad.

Whether it’s your dad calling you “baby girl” or being a good husband to your mom, list everything and let him know you appreciate him.

A card from his son or daughter showing him love is always better than the usual box of chocolates.

8. Put The Valentine’s Day Card Inside A Balloon So He Can Pop It-Open

red balloons

Your daddy will surely be surprised to find a card for Valentine’s Day inside a balloon. Add a thrill to the occasion and send him a daddy Valentine card with a twist.

Your dad’s inner child will definitely be jumping up and down with fun and excitement. To make it more exciting, you can add a couple of coupons and gift cards inside.


What are some nice words to say to your dad on A Valentine’s card?

Words such as “You are my hero,” “I want to walk your path,” or “I appreciate all your sacrifices for me” are a few examples of nice words you can say to your dad on Valentine’s Day.

A Valentine’s Day will not be complete if you will not appreciate your dad for all his efforts or your family, so send him a card telling him what he is to you and how he has changed your life.

How do you wish your dad on Valentine’s Day?

You can wish your daddy good health, happiness, and a continuously happy and loving life with your mom. It doesn’t have to be long - it just has to be from the heart.

Do dads like getting a Valentine’s Day card?

Yes. Parents, in general, love getting a card from their children on Valentine’s Day. Your daddy will appreciate it if you send him a letter, even if it’s just a simple appreciation of his sacrifices.

Kiss & Run

Whether you’re a child or a grown-up, you can always give something to your dad this Valentines Day.

To give you a head start, check out Toynk for various Valentine’s gifts for your loved ones.

Make a daddy Valentine card more special by adding a small gift showing how much you know your dad. 



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