20 Best Minecraft Gift Ideas For Gamers & Fans

20 Best Minecraft Gift Ideas For Gamers & Fans (2023)

I’m obsessed with Minecraft. Over the years, I have collected my fair share of unique items that Minecraft fans (both kids and adults) would enjoy.

From a pack of UNO cards and a group of Creepers to clothing, weapons, and mobs, you’ll find a lot of Minecraft-themed things on my shelf. 

If you’re thinking about buying gifts for a Minecraft fan in your life, it’s pretty easy, really. To make it even easier, we’ve picked out the best Minecraft gifts among the bunch. 

Here are 25 Minecraft gift ideas you just can’t go wrong with. Enjoy our list!

Top 20 Minecraft Gifts for Fans of All Ages

1. Minecraft Potion Bottle Color-Changing LED Desk Lamp


Minecraft Potion Bottle Color-Changing LED Desk Lamp


You’ll adore the pixelated corners of this lamp - it’s like it jumped right out of the game! Let it light up your universe with eight vivid colors - red, orange, white, yellow, blue, baby blue, green, and cyan.

Initially, you’ll get just one shade. Just shake or tap it, and it will change colors! It's an amazing Minecraft decor idea!

2. Minecraft Happy Explorer Series 8 Inch Plush


Minecraft Happy Explorer Series 8 Inch Plush


Made with soft polyester, this Minecraft plush feels very cozy and warm on a rather cold evening.

It measures 8 inches, so it’s the perfect size for playing or displaying. Aside from this series, there are other characters you can pick from our collection here. 

3. Minecraft Creeper Glitter Motion Light


Minecraft Creeper Glitter Motion Light


This glitter motion light is something that any Minecraft fan would appreciate. The shimmering effect creates a mesmerizing sparkle to set the mood for another game night with your friends.

This standing LED lamp is portable and included a power-saving mode for battery efficiency. 

4. Minecraft Deluxe Ender Dragon Plush


It’s time to bring the virtual world of Minecraft to life with these collectible action plush figures fit for a true-blue fan! 

You can actually create and experience your own games! It’s a great addition to your Minecraft toy collection or as Minecraft gifts to kids. 

5. Minecraft Mini Mob 4-Piece Figure Mood Light Set | Battery Operated


Minecraft Mini Mob 4-Piece Figure Mood Light Set | Battery Operated


At less than 3 inches each, these mini Minecraft figures bring light to any room with an ethereal color.

It’s modeled after the most popular figures in the game - Creeper, Ghast, Zombie, and Enderman. People think they’re terrifying. We think, adorable. 

6. Minecraft Diamond Sword 14 Inch USB Desk LED Bedside Night Light Lamp for Gamers

Minecraft Diamond Sword 14 Inch USB Desk LED Bedside Night Light Lamp for Gamers

Ah, another sparkling piece to light up your room. As one of the best Minecraft gifts for any age, this diamond sword bedside night lamp is extraordinary.

Place it on your bedside table, wrap a blanket around you, and dream of fun adventures in the world of Minecraft. 

7. Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener


Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener


Looking for a unique gift to give to fellow Minecraft lovers? We think this pickaxe bottle opener is the bomb! It’s handy, it’s cool, and it’s the perfect tool to hang on the wall.

You’ll find a hole and loop on top of the opener so you can easily hang it by your bar. 

8. Minecraft Nano Metalfigs 20 Pack Wave 3 | 1.65 Inch Die-Cast Metal Figures


Minecraft Nano Metalfigs 20 Pack Wave 3


Are you a Minecraft kid at heart? Complete your Minecraft universe with these tiny die-cast figures. Each figure is finely sculpted to resemble the authentic characters (Creepers, ocelot, pig, sheep, cow, chicken) you see in the game.

With their high-quality appearance and visible durability, any Minecraft fan will think they’re a complete standout!

9. Minecraft Top Trumps Card Game


Minecraft Top Trumps Card Game


Aside from UNO, we all know what a Top Trumps Card game is.

Whether it’s Disney, Harry Potter, or Star Wars, we know the concept of the game is the same - comparing values to outdo and trump your opponent through tips and tricks. Now, we can add the Minecraft version to our card collection, too!


10. Minecraft Diamond Foam Pickaxe Exclusive


Minecraft Diamond Foam Pickaxe Exclusive


Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessory for cosplay, Halloween, or just for display, this Minecraft diamond foam pickaxe will give you that extra fun. It’s one of the best gift ideas for kids. 

11. Minecraft Glass Tumbler


Ideal for Minecraft fans of all ages (kids and adults), this tumbler features a Creeper, one of the antagonists in this all-time favorite game. 

12. LEGO Minecraft 21174 The Modern Treehouse Building Kit


Time to lessen your child’s screen time! Kids will enjoy building this action-packed Lego set featuring the Minecraft Modern Treehouse set.

The Lego set comes with a working rail track, complete with a minecart and a shelter. It's like your favorite Minecraft puzzle has come to life.

Your child will love to play with the details that include a bed, oven, anvil, and a vegetable patch!

You can also combine this Lego set with other Minecraft pieces to build your own Minecraft universe. Let them build anything and everything!

13. Minecraft Armor Prestige Child


Minecraft Armor Prestige Child


Looking for the perfect Halloween costume for kids? Try this Minecraft armor for children. We think it’s a great gift for young Minecraft fans out there. 

14. Minecraft Creeper Face Mug


Minecraft Creeper Face Mug


Another unique way to sip your morning coffee is through this one-of-a-kind Minecraft Creeper Face mug. 

15. LEGO Minecraft Horse Stable Building Kit



Take a break from screen time and encourage role-play fun in this LEGO [1] Minecraft Horse Stable kit.

Whether you’re giving this gift to a Minecraft fan or not, we’re pretty sure they’ll have fun with the details. 

16. Minecraft Creeper Adjustable Backpack


Perfect for Minecraft fans of all ages, this green and black backpack features mini Minecraft mobs that we are all familiar with. It’s constructed from 100% polyester, so it’s very durable.

You’ll also find a padded back and adjustable straps for that extra support.

The main compartment has a laptop pocket, while the other compartments include zippered pockets, side pockets, gear clips, mesh water bottle pocket, and some Minecraft accents here and there. It’s ideal for school and travel. 

17. Minecraft Kitchen Set: Apron & Cookie Jar


Looking for one fun way to incorporate Minecraft into your food? Look no further. We’ve got mean Minecraft-inspired apron and cookie jar here!

Now you can make those exclusive Christmas cookies and place them inside special jars for your Minecraft kids and friends!

18. Minecraft The End Is Nigh Premium T-Shirt Youth


Minecraft The End Is Nigh Premium T-Shirt Youth


Show your love for Minecraft by donning this “The End is Nigh” premium t-shirt! It’s sized for Minecraft teen players, so it’s a great team t-shirt for your gang (or your child’s). 

19. Minecraft Creeper 6" Vinyl Figure


Minecraft Creeper 6" Vinyl Figure


While we love this virtual building game, Minecraft [2] isn’t just about breaking blocks and building villages. There are several gameplay modes that add to the thrill and excitement.

With this vinyl figure, you can also encourage pretend play and stir the creativity of your child. Collect all Minecraft pieces and figures, and you’ll soon have an entire Minecraft village of your own. 

20. Minecraft Characters Removable Vinyl Stickers


Stick ‘em, here, stick ‘em there. Yeah, you can literally stick ‘em everywhere. Place this Minecraft Creeper sticker wherever you want, but be ready to experience a little Minecraft explosion!


Time To Wrap Those Presents!

Most of these Minecraft gifts are perfect for fans of all ages, but we encourage you to think about who you’re giving them to.

For pretend play, we’ve got quite a selection of swords and costumes. Younger kids might also prefer Legos and toys during their play sessions.

On the other hand, older kids may like a strategy game, board game, UNO card games, wireless controller, or even a book full of Minecraft adventures. 

We know the list of Minecraft gift ideas for your loved ones has already blown your mind, but there’s more! Planning a party?

We’ve got a lot of things (gifts, games, tricks) for you to choose from right here!


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2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/kidspost/what-is-minecraft/2013/03/14/98c54514-8a57-11e2-a051-6810d606108d_story.html

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