15 Best Lego Room Ideas For Your Space

15 Best Lego Room Ideas For Your Space (2024 Updated)

Looking for the perfect design for your kid’s bedroom and playroom? Or do you like Lego so much that you want to turn your space into a building block (pun intended)? If you answered yes, you’re in the right place.

Read on as we share incredible Lego room ideas to help turn any space into a creative reality!

Top 15 Incredible Lego Room Ideas You Can Try

1. Lego-Inspired Walls

LEGO Masterpieces Inside Walls

Derived from the Danish term leg godt, meaning play well, Lego rose to fame around the 20th century [1]. So for an interesting room idea, why not play with your walls and design them with colorful Lego bricks? You can simply use wallpaper and stick it on your walls.

2. Huge Lego Bed

If you’re decorating your kid’s bedroom, another incredible room idea that they will surely love is a huge Lego bed. You can go for the classic bedframe design and have it painted with Lego bricks. Also, you can add built-in light on the bedframe to give more life to your Lego bed.

3. Lego-Themed Tables & Chairs

Since Lego was marketed to kids, another fun way to add more life to your little one’s space is to turn their tables and chairs into building blocks [2]. If you’re skilled in wood crafts, you can make themed tables and chairs or use real Legos for a realistic design.

4. Red Wall & Lego Sticker

Now, if you want something simple and easy to create, a red wall and Lego sticker can definitely do the trick! This room idea is best for accent walls or your kid’s playroom. All you need is to choose a wall, paint it red, and stick the Lego sticker.

5. Lego-Colored Floor

If you want to give your room or any space a revamp, replacing your floors can change how it looks. Our team recommends getting a Lego-colored floor to make your space fun and colorful! You can also use colorful wood planks or Lego-vinyl floorings to achieve this look.

6. Lego Blankets & Pillows

lego inspired crochet blanket

Whether in the bedroom or living room, switching to Lego blankets and pillows will surely freshen up your space. If you’re skilled in crocheting, you can make a Lego blanket and pillowcase to give it texture and make it look more realistic. You can also go for Lego prints if you’re not into crochet.

7. Glass Cabinet Full Of Lego

If you’re wondering what’s the best way to showcase your collection, a glass cabinet full of Lego is a great choice. Depending on the number of your collection, you can choose the size and design of your glass cabinet. Then, display your most prized Lego collection and creations!

8. Lego Wall Murals

Lego murals are the perfect room idea if you want a more personalized design. Show your artistic side and paint your ideas on the walls. However, if you’re not good with paint, you can always use real Lego to create a mural of your favorite image, character, or personality. Just make sure to use super glue (or wood glue for wood surfaces), so the pieces won’t randomly fall.

9. Lego Character Stickers

Using Lego character stickers is the best choice if you want to redecorate your room but don’t want a time-consuming design. All you have to do is to purchase your favorite Lego character stickers and paste them on your walls. You can select a theme like Avengers or Star Wars Lego characters.

10. Lego Accent Wall

Give more life to your space by making a Lego accent wall in your bedroom, hallway, or even in the dining room! You can use regular size and real Lego if you want a more abstract design. Using giant Lego blocks will surely do a great job of accentuating your wall to emphasize building blocks.

11. Lego Vases

Although Lego was exclusively for kids, you can use building blocks with your other hobbies. If you love decorating, making Lego vases would definitely be fun and can help turn your space lively. In addition, you can add Lego flowers to your vases, so you don’t need to worry about upkeep!

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12. Red & Yellow LEGO Lounge

Another simple yet interesting room idea is to turn your lounge into a red and yellow Lego-themed space. To do so, you can carefully design your lounge using red and yellow from the tables, chairs, and couches to throw pillows and other decorative pieces. Also, it would help if you considered accent lighting to add more dramatic effects.

13. Lego Bunk Bed & Lego Stairs

If your kids share a room, you can create a Lego bunk bed and lego stairs. Remember what most Lego fortress looks like? This is a great design for Lego bunk beds with parapet-like walls on the top part. Nonetheless, you can go for the traditional bunk bed designs with connected stairs.

14. Lego Room Accessories

LEGO-Inspired Dresser

Start decorating with Lego room accessories to show your fandom in every corner of your space. With this room idea, you have plenty of choices in design, such as cabinets, drawers, side tables, and lamps. You can also get Lego-themed carpets, clocks, and other decorative pieces.

15. Lego-Inspired Ceiling

Lastly, considering a Lego-inspired ceiling can definitely change the ambiance of any space. You can turn your bedroom or lounge tray ceiling into Lego for an added style. Another option is to create a Lego-inspired dropped ceiling with downlights, perfect for kitchen counter, home bar, or hallways.


How much does it cost to make a Lego wall?

It depends. The cost depends on the size of the wall you’re covering and the material, such as Lego-themed wallpaper and paint. A Lego brick is around $5 to $10. So a 3 x 4 inches Lego wall can cost over $100.

How do you attach a LEGO plate to the wall?

The best way to attach a Lego plate is to drill and screw the upper part on your wall. You can also use a mounting clip to secure it or bungee cords if it’s not permanent.

How do you make a Lego base?

The simplest way to may a Lego base is to position the lower bricks apart but enough to connect the upper bricks to two lower bricks. Then, repeat the process on all sides until you have your Lego base’s desired height and design.

In Summary

While Lego is designed for kids, it’s no doubt the perfect collection for many adults. If you or your kid is a fan of building blocks, try out these Lego room ideas on your next home renovation and decoration project!

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1. https://www.britannica.com/topic/LEGO
2. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/article/adult-legos

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