9 Best Marvel Bedroom Ideas (2024) Don't Miss Out

9 Best Marvel Bedroom Ideas (2024) Don't Miss Out

Kids and kids at heart will never outgrow the Marvel characters. Going home and entering your own Marvel-themed bedroom would be like having your personal galaxy to live in. 

Here are some of the incredible Marvel bedroom ideas you can try at home. 

9 Marvel-Themed Bedroom Ideas You Need To Try 

1. Use MCU Superhero Themed Bed Sets & Blankets

Avengers Infinity War Lightweight Fleece Throw Blanket

    Getting inside your room and greeted by all the MCU characters in the Avengers Infinity War movie would be very cool. This throw blanket is an officially licensed Avengers: Infinity War and Marvel product. This is made of 100% polyester, and it measures 45 x 60 inches.

    The Infinity War may have cost you a lot of tears when you thought Thanos killed your favorite hero. Still, this blanket will be a great reminder of how much that movie meant so much to you. You can use this as a bed cover or warm yourself in bed. 

    Marvel Comics Oversized Fleece Sherpa Throw Blanket

      For an MCU Comic-fanatic, this would be the perfect item to add to your bedroom. Incredible Hulk #1, Amazing Fantasy #15, Tales of Suspense #39 are just three issues you will see on this amazing, authentic, officially licensed blanket for Marvel comics.

      This can also be very functional because of its thick and fluffy features, which are made of 100% silk polyester. Plus, it has sherpa backing that reinforces its softness and fluffiness. This can be a good addition to your collection of MCU collectibles or gift it to someone who loves these guys. 

      2. Rock Your Wall Decors

      Marvel Comic Cover 9 x 5 Inch Canvas Wall Art

        Iron Man may have bid his goodbye, but all the fans of this mighty "genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist" superhero will forever remember all his mighty work. And if you are one of them, changing your wall decor with this Marvel-ous Comic Cover canvas wall art is a great way to pay tribute to your favorite hero.

        The image on this wall art is the first issue of The Invincible Iron Man. This will really boost up your bedroom, or you can lift the spirit of another Iron Man fan if you give this 9 x 5-inch canvas art as a gift. 

        Marvel Comic Cover 9 x 5 Inch Canvas Wall Art | Wolverine #1

        You can choose to turn your room into a Wolverine museum by starting with your walls and placing this 9 x 5-inch canvas art. James "Logan" Howlett may have the shortest patience in a superhero, but he surely is loved by many.

        This Marvel Comic Cover canvas wall art is a limited edition issue with Geek Fuel. It is not sure if we already saw the last movie about Wolverine in Logan, but you can be sure to keep a part of this spectacular X-men hero by getting this fine piece of art. 

        Captain America #100 Comic Book Canvas Art Poster

          This Captain America canvas poster will be a great decor in your bedroom wall or even in your receiving area where people can see this amazing artwork. The inspiration for this is Captain America's 100th issue which now has a mint condition value of $5,400. Getting hold of the original copy would be very costly. Still, this particular art piece by Geek Fuel is also a superb representation of Captain America's strength and near-invulnerability. You can have this as a gift to yourself or give it out to someone you know who loves Captain America more than you do. 

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          3. Mix & Match Superhero Themes & Colors

          If your Marvel choices belong to the same group as the Avengers, the color matching would be easy since they have almost the same colors present. Dominant colors would be black, red, white, blue, and yellow. You wouldn't want to see too much red and yellow since this is stimulating to the eye. Resting and colors that are too bright don't go along very well.

          Pick an area wherein you can safely place items without causing color wars. The best place would be in your designated sitting area, where you can place your collections and some Marvel throw pillows with different Marvel colors. Remain true to your theme even if there are a few items that are in your room that are not part of it. 

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          4. Create Special Lighting To Set The Mood

          Marvel Comics Official Logo 17-Inch Light Box

            The evolution of the Marvel Comics logo started in 1939 where it was still Timely Comics until Stan Lee started writing. In 1957 it became Marvel Comics, but the logo was just Marvel Comics written on a black dot with a red background. It was not until the early 2000's when the popular logo, where you see in old white letters within a red box, is Marvel's word. As a Marvel fan, you would like a piece of this entertaining comic manufacturer. 

            You can do that by placing the Official Marvel Comics Logo LightBox inside your room to set up the mood. It has an LED light and is USB powered. You won't have problems setting this up since the size measures 17 x 6 x 4 inches.  This is a must-get item if you are planning to recreate your room. This definitely makes a mark that the room belongs to a certified Marvel fan. 

            Marvel Spider Man Streetlight LED Desk Lamp

              No way home is not going to be shown until December of 2021. Still, the excitement is brewing too much heat, and many Peter Parker fans are just getting impatient. If you are one of them, get yourself this 16-inch fandom-themed desk lamp which features a streetlight design in a cobbled-style base. The upside-down signature pose of Spidey is hanging on the post. This is going to be a smooth addition to your collection. However, this is also functional as this has a USB-powered LED light. 

              Marvel Black Panther LED Mood Light | Black Panther Mood Light Figure

                It is no longer sure if we will ever see another movie about T'Challa since the character of Black Panther will not be recreated as per the creator of the movie, but you can still have the Black Panther in your room any time you want. This LED Mood Light is designed with the emblem of Wakanda's hero. This piece is an exclusive collectible item from MCU and was created by Robe Factory LLC. 

                Placing it on your headboard would create a simple yet powerful mood inside the bedroom. Since it is colored black, you wouldn't have any problems mixing and matching it with any other items in the bedroom. 

                Marvel Spider Man 3D Top Motion Lamp Mood Light

                  Peter Parker is just about everyone's favorite, and the upcoming movie in December of 2021, is making everyone excited. Adding this motion lamp to your Marvel collection is just timely. This is a 3D-rized sculpture of the mask of Spiderman that measures about 20 inches tall, with a diameter of 5 inches. Your friendly neighborhood cartoon-style designed Spiderman really looks awesome in this motion lamp.

                  5. Add Throw Pillows To Match Your Theme

                  Throw Pillows To Match Your Theme 

                  Depending on your favorite hero, you can actually choose to make your own throw pillows to match your theme. You can look for your old Marvel shirts and cut the parts you want to use as throw pillows. Simply cut it in squares, sew the edges from the inside, and stuff it with fiber filling. Recycling old shirts is fun and economical, plus you get to keep your valued shirts which have been hidden in your cabinets for a long time, useless.

                  If your budget is okay, then choose to get a whole set from the store. Stick to the colors that match the theme. To add fun to your theme, pick two gigantic throw pillows that have Marvel designs on them. Placed on the rug or the floor, it will add coziness to the room.

                  6. Use Space Rugs For An Extra Kick

                  Space rugs can really hype up your bedroom ideas. The recreation of the room will almost be complete with this accent. The right space rug will be the piece that can provide the room with the exact look you are aiming for. Turn an area of the room into a portion of Dr. Strange's with a warp space rug, or you can pick a galaxy-themed rug.

                  Always keep in mind to stick to the colors that are present in the room. Too many colors will provide the place with a cluttered effect you do not want, especially that this is a resting place. Space rugs have that spacy feel in them, but choosing something that is not so big will be great. You do not need a carpet for this area. Just a rug to provide you that "multiverse (1)" feel.

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                  7. Create A Space To Relax

                  Create A Space To Relax

                  Depending on the size of your bedroom, pick the far end and choose a relaxing chair to place there. Your chosen space rug can be placed on that area, and pick a side table to go along with it, where you can place your Marvel mood lamp. Having the thick and fluffy Marvel Comics throw blanket draped on your chosen couch will give a cozy effect on that area of the room. 

                  Finding a red cushion chair and a footstool will just be perfect. This will complete the colors of your favorite Marvel Superhero. Placing the Spiderman 3D Mood lamp can be a good idea too. Avoid picking bulky pieces so the area wouldn't feel so compressed. Remember that this is an area to relax, so keep it that way. 

                  8. Paint Your Room According To Your Hero's Color

                  Paint Your Room According To Your Hero's Color

                  If your favorite is Black Panther or Thor, painting your room black or grey would be awesome. Black gives a calming effect to the eyes. You simply have to accentuate it with another color to balance it so it will not come out so gloomy. The walls can be black while you paint the doors white.

                  Since you already have an area where you will be placing your space rug, the rest of the floor can be covered with gray carpet. Having the room in red may not be a good idea as it stimulates the eyes, and this is supposed to be a place to rest. 

                  9. Flaunt Your Marvel Action Figures & Displays

                  Again, this would all depend on how big your bedroom is. You do not want to make it appear stuffed that it wouldn't be comfortable to move anymore. Bedrooms are supposed to be a place for relaxation and rest, so let us keep it that way. One of the best places to place your collections would be on your resting place where your chair and space rug is situated. Make that portion of the room a museum area, per se. 

                  Placing your collection cabinet near your resting area will give you a satisfying rest. At the same time, you admire it, sitting back on your comfy chair. Having friends inside your room will also give them a chance to see your collection while sitting comfortably in your well-designed sitting area. A glass cabinet or an open-wooden tiered case on the side of the room is a great place to display it. It wouldn't be blocking your way, and it wouldn't be taking much space inside the room. 

                  Spicing Up Your Bedroom Is Always Fun!

                  Spicing up your bedroom is always fun, especially if you have all the necessary tools to use for the ideas that may pop up in your mind. DIY frames will also enhance your room, especially if you have comics collections you can frame and hang. Buying a couple of frames and painting them with Marvel's color will give uniformity and vibrance at the same time.

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