Daredevil vs Black Widow (2023 UPDATED) You Won't Believe

Daredevil vs Black Widow (2023 UPDATED) You Won't Believe

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Daredevil and Black Widow have a complicated relationship in the Marvel Universe. On one hand, they’re dating and in love, and on the flip side, they’re at each others’ throats. 

In this roundup, we’ll take a look at the individual characters’ strengths and weaknesses to give you an accurate rundown of their would-be performance against each other in a fight. 

Ready? Here’s Daredevil vs Black Widow. 

Daredevil or Black Widow - Who Wins?

daredevil vs black widow

Black Widow and Daredevil have their fair share of unique capabilities and excellent qualities that make them stand out in fights. But who would win should they fight it out against one another? 

At first glance, it would look as though Natasha would have the advantage, as she has all five senses fully intact. Plus, she also uses deadly weaponry in battle, so it looks like it won’t be tough to imagine who would win this fight. 

However, Daredevil can form mental pictures of his surroundings despite the loss of eyesight. He would be able to tell exactly where she is in a fight by listening to her breaths and heartbeat and thus tell her next moves. He would be able to counter, block, or attack, depending on what the fight calls for. 

Daredevil Super Skills

Daredevil Super Skills

Enhanced Super Senses

Matt Murdock is rendered blind by a freak accident. When a truck containing radioactive substance loses control and hits him, he loses his vital sense of sight. His other senses get enhanced beyond the superhuman level, though, and he is miraculously able to create an accurate mental picture of his surroundings. He calls this an “impressionistic painting.” 

He deciphers atmospheric changes that aren’t easily felt by normal people, such as minuscule temperature variations, the difference in air density, balance, and even direction. This makes him fully aware of his surroundings and heightens his sensitivity to danger and fights. 

Lie Detection

Because Daredevil’s ears are so acute, he is able to tell when people are lying based on the rate of their heartbeats. This skill manages to come in handy during his day job as a defense attorney. He is also able to decipher conversations and even breaths from several meters away. 


He can determine the accurate size and distance of objects around him with the help of echolocation, or the interpretation of sound waves made by nearby objects and other matter [1]. He knocks his Billy Club against objects and immediately manages to create a mental picture of his surroundings. He would have precise knowledge of where the bad guys are (like the Hand Ninjas) just by listening to the stomping of their feet, their breaths, and the swoosh of their weapons against the air. 


Thanks to his advanced senses, Daredevil is able to detect and hear electrical currents, even those coming behind walls. He located and unlocked a secret room using this skill by simply identifying where the electrical current in the wall was cut off. 


Despite losing sight, he has perfect balance and equilibrium that comes in handy during a fight. His agility and reflexes are superhuman, and he can easily and instinctively duck approaching objects and enemies by simply listening to the sounds they make while traversing through the air. 

Fighting Ability 

Daredevil is trained by a fellow blind man named Stick in the martial arts. Unlike Matt, though, Stick was born blind. He is in charge of recruiting and training worthy soldiers to grow the Chaste army, loyal to the Iron Fist. As a result, Daredevil is skilled in boxing, kung fu, muay thai, taekwondo, ninjutsu, and even pro-wrestling at a young age. 

The Billy Club is Daredevil’s personal weapon that doubles as his walking cane. It can be split in two to create nunchucks, steel batons, or a manrikigusari, which is a long chain weapon with weights on both ends. It can also be thrown like a boomerang during fights or wrapped around his opponents to ensnare them. It is made from steel fiber that makes the weapon nearly indestructible. 

Because he is not capable of flying, he uses the club as a grappling hook to assist with ascending and descending.  

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Black Widow

Black Widow

Master Spy

As one of the best Marvel characters, Natasha Romanoff was trained as a young girl to become one of the Soviet’s sleeper agents. The program, aptly called the Black Widow Program, was held in the Red Room facility. Young girls are trained in stealth, espionage, infiltration, and disguise to turn them into elite and deadly assassins. 

Aside from the intensive training, the young girls were also injected with the Soviet’s version of the super-soldier serum, which gave them peak human strength and stamina and slowed down their aging. Their wounds also heal faster, and they are made invulnerable to diseases, thanks to this serum. 

Fighting Skills

Although MCU Black Widow does not have any innate superpowers, she is an exquisite fighter, thanks to the super spy training program. She is possibly one of the best female fighters in the entire world. She is highly skilled in judo, karate, boxing, savate, aikido, kung fu, and the lucha-libre style of wrestling. 

She also has a mastery of advanced weaponry and heavily relies on these during fights. One of her most dangerous attacks is the Black Widow’s Bite, a powerful electroshock current that can incapacitate and even kill bad guys. 

Grappling Hook

Just like the Daredevil, she also cannot fly and uses the help of her Grappling Hook instead. The Grappling Hook is attached to her armor and comes in handy in case of a fall as it can support her weight and slow down any potentially deadly drop. She also uses the Hook to scale tall buildings. 

Black Widow Baton

The Batons are electroshock sticks that deal powerful electrical currents in any fight. These powerful shocks hit and stun her foes so she can finish them off with deadly blows during fights. The batons glow with a blue light and can be assembled to create a long staff. She acquired these weapons from Tony Stark (of course). 

Taser Disk Shooting

Her bracelets can also shoot taser disks that deal tremendous damage in a fight. They are small, disk-shaped objects that move quickly across space but deliver strong electric discharges that are enough to paralyze. 

Aside from the small Taser Disks, her bracelets can also discharge mighty Electrical Blasts. These blasts are tough enough to knock any target unconscious — and possibly even kill them — and destroy electromechanical devices from no matter what distance. 

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Did Daredevil and Black Widow date?

Yes, they dated in the Marvel Black Widow comics. They even briefly moved to San Francisco to start a new life together and, in the course, became crime-fighting vigilantes. 

However, Natasha felt as though Matt did not perceive her as an equal and was not taking her skills into consideration, so they ultimately broke up. 

Aside from Daredevil, she also dated other guys, including Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier), Clint Barton (Hawkeye), and even Tony Stark (Iron Man) in the Marvel universe. Sadly, this was not explored in the movies. 

Is Daredevil better than Black Widow?

Yes. Daredevil would probably beat her in a fight. While both are excellent fighters, Black Widow’s trinkets would be no match against Daredevil as he can probably duck whatever electrical charge she manages to throw at him, thanks to his Electroreception. 

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Let’s Sum It Up! 

While it’s a fight we’ll unlikely see in the Marvel Universe, it was fun to imagine Black Widow and Daredevil against one another. We think that should these two battle it out, it would be one hell of a good fight, but Daredevil would probably be winning because he would be able to predict most of her moves thanks to his enhanced senses and other notable feats. 

Do you agree with our decision? Who do you want to see in the next fight? 

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1. https://www.britannica.com/science/echolocation

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