Catwoman vs Black Widow (2023 UPDATED) Epic Faceoff

Catwoman vs Black Widow (2023 UPDATED) Epic Faceoff

Catwoman and Black Widow are the most popular femme Fatales in their own franchises. At first glance, they may seem similar, with their sleek black costumes and fondness for advanced weaponry, but that is where most of the similarities end. 

If you’re like us and you’re wondering who would win in a Catwoman versus Black Widow battle, you’ve come to the right place. 

Black Widow or Catwoman - Who Wins? 

catwoman vs black widow

Both are iconic female characters in their universes with a serious cult following. Black Widow and Catwoman are sexy female characters who can charm their adversaries just as easily as they can take them down in a battle. 

Both possess strong martial arts skills and have mastery of their chosen weapons, so who would ultimately win in a battle of female versus female? We’ll have an in-depth look at their backgrounds, abilities, and weapons to give you a clear winner of their fight in the end. 

Black Widow 

Black Widow


Natasha Romanoff, otherwise known as Black Widow, trained to become a Russian super spy at a young age. This training program was aptly called the Black Widow program, wherein they took young girls and trained them in stealth, espionage, disguise, and infiltration to become elite assassins. Natasha Romanoff rose to the ranks to become the best KGB agent (and ultimately, among the top Marvel characters) the operative ever had. 

The character was first introduced as an enemy to Iron Man. He sent out Hawkeye to get rid of her, but instead of killing her, he saved her instead. This led to her defecting to the United States in favor of SHIELD and becoming a member of the Avengers. 

Fighting Skills

Despite not having any innate powers, Widow is highly skilled to compete using multiple fighting styles, including judo, ninjutsu, karate, kung fu, sambo, and aikido, thanks to the intensive training of the Black Widow Program. 


The young Widow girls in the training program are enhanced with the Soviet’s version of the super-soldier serum — the same potent serum that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. This serum caused them to develop superhuman abilities and endurance and has even slowed down their aging. They are also invulnerable to diseases. 

Weapons & Tools

Where Widow truly shines is her mastery of advanced equipment. Among her most popular trinkets are the Widow’s Bite [1] bracelets, which project massive electrical currents that can disorient and incapacitate her targets. The same current can also destroy any electromechanical equipment, whatever its distance. 

The batons used in the Black Widow comics are electroshock sticks that can be assembled to form a staff. She uses them as a shield and also to deliver powerful electrical currents that stun enemies so that Natasha can deliver the final blow. 

Because Widow cannot fly, she uses a Grappling Hook to slow down deadly falls. She also uses the same tool to scale tall buildings. 

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Cat Woman

Cat Woman


Catwoman is born as Selina Kyle, a skilled burglar who robs the rich and powerful men of Gotham “who deserve it.” She wears a black cat costume while committing her heists. In the DC comic books, she is the girlfriend of Batman. 

Selina grew up in an orphanage after her parents' deaths, but upon discovering the system’s corruption, she was put in a bag and left to drown in a river, just like a cat. However, she survived this ordeal and went back to the orphanage, where she stole a valuable diamond necklace as revenge. 

She wandered the streets and set foot in Alleytown, where she met Mama Fortuna. Mama Fortuna was the elderly leader of a gang of young thieves who taught her how to steal effectively. While Mama Fortuna imparted valuable techniques that she leveraged later on in life, she treated her students like slaves. 

Eventually, she escaped with a friend, and out of desperation, worked as a prostitute at one point to support herself. 

Fighting Skills

Catwoman is the type of fighter who would rather evade her enemies. This is not to say she’s not a capable fighter, though. She’s a master at martial arts after training with the Armless Master and Wildcat, and we have reason to believe that she can even take down the Dark Knight himself, Batman. Her moves are precise, agile, and speedy. 


Catwoman’s ability to remain stealthy on all occasions makes her stand out in a fight. In order to pull this off, she uses agility and different aliases in order to manipulate and outsmart her enemies. Before you could even realize what hit you, she’s long gone. It’s said that she met Batman on a boat while she was using one of her disguises. 

Behind the scenes, though, she’s extremely affectionate to felines and can easily train and bond with them. She can rely on them to come to her defense when she needs them the most. 

Weapons & Tools

Catwoman’s favorite weapon is the bullwhip and a cat o’ nine tails whip. It’s said that she chose this weapon over other things because regular people have a hard time maneuvering whips, so even if they are forcibly taken from her, the whips cannot be used effectively against her. 

She’s also an expert at handling handguns. Her black catsuit has retractable claws that have proved to be effective in fights. 

Hand to Hand Combat 

Hand to Hand Combat

Black Widow is, hands down, a more capable hand-to-hand combatant than Catwoman, thanks to her super-spy training. Catwoman, however, can make up for her lack of strength with her skill in agility and reflexes. 

We think Catwoman will hold her own and put up a good fight for a bit, but at the end of the day, there’s no point in running from Black Widow forever. 

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Stealth Fighting

Both Black Widow and Cat Woman have gone through stealth training in order to get to where they are, but we think Catwoman takes the cake when it comes to stealth and agility. While Widow is great at it, it just isn’t her specialty. 


Is Catwoman stronger than Black Widow?

Physically, no. Catwoman is no match against Black Widow. While both of them don’t have powers, Black Widow is enhanced by super-soldier serum just like Captain America, which gives her an edge. 

Can Black Widow beat Catwoman?

We believe that, yes, Black Widow can beat Catwoman. Black Widow has the proven advantage in hand-to-hand combat and is equipped with better weaponry that Catwoman can only hope to have. 

Let’s Sum It Up!

While both women are great fighters, this fight has only one clear winner: Black Widow. Catwoman can play a game of cat and mouse all she wants, but ultimately, it’s hard to imagine her walking away from Black Widow unscathed. 

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