Who Is Miguel’s Dad In Cobra Kai? (2023 Updated)

Who Is Miguel’s Dad In Cobra Kai? (2023 Updated)

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Miguel Diaz’s father in Cobra Kai has always been referred to as “Mr. Diaz” and was only occasionally mentioned in the whole Miyagi verse. However, his absence was one of Season 4’s cliffhangers when Miguel disappeared to find his real father.

So, when Cobra Kai Season 4 concluded, theories and fans wondered, “Who is Miguel’s dad in Cobra Kai?” 

The Truth About Miguel’s Dad 

The Truth About Miguel’s Dad

Cobra Kai Season 4 revealed that Miguel has always been yearning to fill the hole in his life by trying to find his real daddy. The series’ writers had been dropping hints about his father’s existence. However, it was never made clear who he was. 

Some fans think that Miguel’s real daddy was Terry Silver or Mike Barnes. Mike went to Ecuador, where he could’ve met Carmen (Vanessa Rubio). Miguel in Spanish is Michael in English, which could be short for Mike. 

However, Terry Silver was too mysterious and powerful that some fans think he could be Miguel’s daddy. Or maybe, Miguel’s daddy could be another Cobra Kai villain.

Who Is Miguel’s Real Dad?

Even when Cobra Kai Season 4 had concluded on Netflix, there was no definite answer to who Miguel’s real dad was. Bit by bit, some hints were dropped left and right, even during the series’ past seasons, but it remains a secret. 

Therefore, we only know Miguel’s father as Mr. Diaz, who lives in Mexico. He also didn’t even know about Miguel’s existence because Miguel’s mother never told him about his son. 

The upcoming Cobra Kai season might finally reveal who Miguel’s daddy is. However, we can only speculate on his real identity until then. 


Characters Thought To Be His Dad 

Terry Silver

Terry Silver

Terry Silver, Ian Thomas Griffith in real life, is a Cobra Kai villain who was also an original character from the Karate Kid trilogy movie. In the story, he was a very wealthy man who constantly bullied Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) to avenge his favorite person and friend, Kreese.  

Based on flashbacks, Terry was linked to Miguel because Miguel’s daddy is Kreese’s mysterious ally. Also, you might agree that if Terry knew about Mr. Diaz’s connection with Kreese, he might even take Miguel as his protégé. Find out who are the most well-liked Cobra Kai characters here

Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes, Sean Kanan in real life, is a bully and the main opponent of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) in The Karate Kid Part III. He was also a Professional Karate expert hired to beat Daniel LaRusso in a fight in the All-Valley Karate Tournament in 1985. 

Mike was a vicious fighter who had no qualms about inflicting harm on people, especially Daniel, in The Karate Kid Part III. He was linked to Miguel because he was thought to have fled to Ecuador once, where he could’ve possibly met Mrs. Diaz. 

Some moments in the Miyagi-verse showed how his movements during a fight seemed the same as Miguel’s. You might also agree that Miguel in Spanish is Michael in English [1] seems to be an important detail.

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Original Cobra Kai Villain

Original Cobra Kai Villain

Miguel’s father has always been known to be a villain. He was as vicious as Terry Silver and Mike Barnes. He was also friends with Kreese, Cobra Kai’s ultimate villain to Daniel. 

Some fanatics think it would be more realistic if Miguel’s father were an original Karate Kid or Cobra Kai villain. He could be a gang member or a notorious drug cartel in Ecuador. He could also be an old opponent of Daniel.

What Happened To His Dad? 

When Miguel tried to search for his real dad, he told Carmen that he already knew his daddy lived in Mexico. Miguel doesn’t know much about his father, nor what has ever happened to him. 

In fact, the writers kept the story a bit more interesting by dropping hints about his father’s whereabouts and keeping his identity a secret. It made the people want to watch the Cobra Kai Season 5 more, anticipating knowing what has happened to Miguel’s daddy. His daddy could be at the center for Season 5.

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In What Season Was Miguel’s Father Revealed?

In What Season Was Miguel’s Father Revealed?

The mystery about Miguel’s father was revealed in Cobra Kai Season 4. Everybody knew that Miguel’s old man was out of the picture because of Johnny and Miguel’s closeness in the past seasons. Daniel and Johnny are both close to Miguel.

In fact, nobody seemed to care much about his identity and existence until Cobra Kai Season 4 mentioned Miguel’s daddy. 

Did Miguel Ever Try To Find His Dad? 

Yes, Miguel tried to find his dad. In the fourth season’s finale, Miguel suddenly disappeared in the wake of Eagle Fang and Myagi-do’s loss at the All Valley Tournament Championship to search for his real daddy. 

He left a note for his mom and sensei Johnny saying he was okay. Miguel begged his family and sensei Johnny not to worry about him because he wanted to find his roots in Mexico. Carmen was horrified to know about it because she knew her ex-husband was vicious. 

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Johnny As A Father Figure 

Johnny As A Father Figure

It’s no secret to every Cobra Kai fan that there was an evident close relationship between Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Miguel Diaz. In fact, Johnny regarded Miguel as his own son, despite having his own personal issues with his biological son, Robby. Daniel also got close to Miguel.

Johnny connects with Miguel through Cobra Kai and Karate, which makes him an excellent father figure to the teenager, like Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) once was to Daniel. Not long after, Johnny and his mother had a developing relationship.

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Is Miguel’s dad in Cobra Kai in the cartel?

Yes, Miguel’s dad in Cobra Kai might be in the cartel. Carmen Diaz has always referred to him as a bad guy because he used to do illegal things. She also revealed it was the main reason why she fled and kept her pregnancy a secret.

Does Miguel’s father know he exists?

No, Miguel’s father didn’t know he existed because Carmen intentionally kept it a secret from him. She didn’t like how he was tied up with the bad guys and did illegal things, so she didn’t tell him she was pregnant back then.

Finding Miguel’s Dad

Finding Miguel’s dad seems to be the trend now since Cobra Kai’s Season 4 ended. The ending of the fourth season hinted that in Season 5, his identity would finally be revealed. 

He could be Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), Daniel, or Tuco Salamanca from Breaking Bad. If Spin-Offs are possible, then everything could be possible, too. Whether Miguel’s daddy is Terry Silver, Mike Barnes, or an original Cobra Kai villain, all we have to do is to wait until Season 5 comes out on Netflix. 

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