15 Best FNAF Plushies: Five Nights At Freddy's (2023)

15 Best FNAF Plushies: Five Nights At Freddy's (2023)

It’s not every day that a survival horror game takes the entire world by storm, so when Five Nights at Freddy’s was released, you can bet we were the first to get hit by the craze! 

Plushies are our favorite collectibles, so it’s only fitting that we give you the best FNAF plushies worth your money! 

Top 15 Amazing Five Nights at Freddy’s Plushies 

1. Freddy 


Toy Freddy always has to be the first. This Freddy plush toy, complete with his signature black top hat and bow tie, stands at 14 inches tall, making him perfect for snuggling with. 

To be honest, those piercing blue eyes look like they’re the stuff of nightmares or horror movies [1].

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2. Candy Freddy

Candy Freddy

Freddy’s dessert menu has an equally chilling addition in the form of Candy Freddy. This plushie is dotted with bright colors to put a sweet smile on your face, but wait… we’re still talking about Five Nights at Freddy’s here.

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3. Jack-O-Chica


Jack-O-Chica is one of the franchise’s major antagonists. Her signature orange skin is present in this 6-inch plushie, with dead eyes and a Let’s Eat bib. This would look fun on any toy shelf! 

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4. Purple Spring Colorway Foxy

Purple Spring Colorway Foxy

If you’re one of those who got creeped out with Foxy in the game series, Purple Spring Colorway Foxy will make you feel otherwise. This 6-inch plush comes in a baby blue and purple color that’ll make children go “Aww!” as soon as they see it! 

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5. Jack-O-Bonnie


The Jack-O-Bonnie plush looks like his original Bonnie variant, coupled with Halloween colors. This 6-inch plushie is intricately designed using quality materials, complete with the torn ear and leg detailing and the shiny yellow bow. 

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6. Grim Foxy

Grim Foxy

Grim Foxy has been stylized as a plushie! Despite its miniature size of only six inches, there is a lot of detailing on this plush, from his head down to his silver legs. It’s definitely worth giving to the FNAF fan in your life! Do you want to learn how to make a plushie?

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7. Pink Spring Colorway Freddy

Pink Spring Colorway Freddy

Freddy in the Pink Spring Colorway edition is in a bright, popping pink! It’s highly recommended for kids looking to snuggle with an FNAF collectible or any girly Five Nights at Freddy’s fan! 

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8. Mangle


Mangle honestly scared us in the game series… but this plush looks adorable enough to serve as a Valentine’s Day present! This is one of the bigger stuffed toys standing at 18 inches tall, perfect for snuggling with at night whenever you’re sleeping alone. 

We can’t help but stare at this fun plushie — the colorful cheeks and red lipstick are spot-on, and she’s drop-dead gorgeous! 

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9. Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy

If there’s a character in FNAF that’s the best fit to be a plushie, it’s definitely Balloon Boy. His rotund cheeks and belly are cute, even as an antagonist in the game… and his 18-inch plushie version does not disappoint!  

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10. Baby


Baby, or Circus Baby, is the primary antagonist in FNAF: Sister Location. This 18-inch plushie is the right mix of cherubic and chilling, with her cute pigtails, cherry-red cheeks, and adorable dress. There is also a bit of silver detailing on her hands and legs, faithful to the character from the game series. 

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11. Phantom Puppet

Phantom Puppet

We wished that Phantom Puppet could’ve kept his long neck like in the game series… Still, he’s pretty complete here, with his red cheeks, purple tears, and the buttons down his shirt. His 14-inch form is perfect for displaying on your toy shelf or keeping on your nightstand! 

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12. Chica


In FNAF lore, Chica was a fun children’s entertainer in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza before she got dismantled and replaced. In this 14-inch plushie, Chica is in her original form, with fresh yellow fur and a brand new bib. 

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13. Neon Orange Cupcake

Neon Orange Cupcake

Of course, since we’re talking about Chica, we can’t forget Mr. Cupcake. The anthropomorphic cupcake’s plushie form has a neon orange frosting with a purple and green cupcake wrap. Its 18-inch size will dominate your bed and make for a great bedtime buddy! 

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14. Neon Pink Freddy

Neon Pink Freddy

You didn’t think Freddy wouldn’t dominate this list! This Neon Pink Freddy shows our titular character in bright pink garb, with purple accents on his hands and feet, and his signature black top hat and bow time. Its 14-inch size makes it the perfect gift to the best FNAF fan in your life. 

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15. Neon Pink Foxy

Neon Pink Foxy

And if we’re talking about Neon Pink Freddy, you know Neon Pink Foxy will be next on the list. Like Freddy, Foxy here is in top-to-bottom neon pink, with blue detailing on his ears, hands, legs, and signature eye patch. Neon Pink Foxy is also one of the larger plush toys at 18 inches. 

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What’s the Rarest FNAF Plushie? 

Probably the rarest FNAF plushie out there is Shadow Freddy. Apart from it being an exclusive Hot Topic plushie, it’s said that you’ll probably find it at around north of $150 a pop. 

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Are There Exclusive FNAF Plushies? 

Here are the exclusive FNAF plush toys so far: Toy Freddy (from Gamestop), Shadow Freddy (from Hot Topic), Golden Freddy (from Wal-Mart), Nightmare Cupcake (from Gamestop), Toy Bonnie (from Hot Topic), Phantom Foxy (from Target), Withered Bonnie (from Toys R’ Us), and Mangle (from Wal-Mart). 

Of course, that’s only based on today’s writing, so this is still subject to change in future collections! 


What’s the most expensive FNAF plushie?

One of the most expensive FNAF stuffed toys is Shadow Freddy, which costs somewhere north of $150, apart from being a Hot Topic company exclusive. It’s also extremely difficult to find. 

Can you machine wash FNAF plushies?

Yes, you can machine-wash FNAF stuffed toys. In general, stuffed toys and plushies take well to machine washing, but if you want to be extremely anal and careful, the best cleaning treatment to subject your FNAF stuffed toy to is hand-washing. 

Finding the Best Plushies From FNAF 

And there’s our roundup of the best FNAF toys! 

These FNAF plushies are best as collectibles for people who are huge fans of the game series. So whether you are a fan or you know someone in your life who is, these FNAF dolls will surely put a smile on their face (or chills down their spine!). 

If you're looking for FNAF collectibles, make sure to check our collection! 

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