What are Squishmallows Made Of

What Are Squishmallows Made Of? Answered (2024 Updated)

Ever wonder why so many people are literally obsessed with Squishmallows? They say it is cute, cuddly, soft, and squishy, and it couldn’t be any truer than that.

But what are Squishmallows made of?

Read on and find out as we share with you what is responsible for our favorite stuffed toy's squishy and cuddly nature since 2017.

What’s In A Squishmallow?

colorful squishmallow collections

KellyToys made sure that Squishmallows plushies are made consistently soft and high-quality by choosing only top-grade materials like polyester fiber and ultra-soft spandex.

It is no secret that Squishmallows are multi-purpose cuddly plushies that also bring a comforting sensation, especially for people suffering from anxiety.

In fact, many people swear by the positive benefits of keeping Squishmallows inside their classrooms, during travels, and in their beds as a tool to calm their nerves and reduce anxiety.

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Materials Used In Making Squishmallows

Polyester Fibers

Polyester fiber is one of the major materials used in manufacturing Squishmallow stuffed toys.

They are optimum because they keep the stuffed toy resistant to stains, wrinkles, and mildew and prevent it from shrinking. This also helps the plushies to dry quickly.

Polyester fibers are usually made as continuous filaments either through a batch process using granulated polymer or a continuous polymerization method [1].

Ultra-Soft Spandex

Manufacturers of Squishamallows choose ultra-soft spandex for creating stuffed toys because this fabric is light, supple, and easier to customize than other materials.

It is so elastic that you can ensure every Squishmallow is durable and can withstand wear and tear despite the passage of time.

It is also what makes each Squishmallow cuddly and incredibly squishy. This ultra-soft spandex is also good as it won’t irritate your child’s delicate skin - especially if they are fond of cuddles. But how do you ship Squishmallows?

Are They Made In China?

Plush Toys Manufacturer

Yes, Squishmallows are manufactured in China. Since China has low labor costs, this contributes to the affordable price of Squishmallows on the market today [2].

Squishmallows made in China are safe for babies and kids at heart alike. They are compliant with Prop 65, and they are flame retardant.

When choosing the right plushie, check whether the manufacturers comply with the legal regulations and federal toy safety standards imposed by the state.

It must pass a test by a reliable 3rd party, be certified with a Children’s Product Certificate, and be compliant with ASTM F963-17 (Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety).

Are All Squishmallows Made Using The Same Materials?

Yes, all Squishmallows are made using the same materials.

The manufacturers are consistent with the design, texture, and material as they carefully produce every Squishmallow stuffed toy released in the market.

There may be a few tweaks depending on the design of every plush, but overall the materials they use during the production stage include polyester fiber and ultra-soft spandex. But what was the first Squishmallow ever?

Can You Make A Homemade Squishmallow?

DIY Huge Squishmallow

Yes, you can make your own Squishmallow at home, but there is no guarantee that it will be near and as huggable as the original Squishmallows produced by KellyToys.

You can try preparing the key materials for this project: polyester fiber and ultra-soft spandex for the filling, so your homemade Squishmallow can have that marshmallow-like cuddliness.

Prepare a couple more materials in various prints, designs, size, or fiber quality, depending on the design you intend to create at home.


Do Squishmallows have chemicals?

No, Squishmallows do not have chemicals. They meet the toy regulatory and safety standards, which is why they are safe for kids of all ages and the young at heart.

Squishmallows are compliant with Prop 65 and are also flame-retardant.

Manufacturers certify that they don’t incorporate chemicals into the product - both its internal and external layers. So how do you register Squishmallows?

What makes Squishmallows super soft?

Squishmallows are super soft and marshmallow-like due to their high-quality, top-grade filling made from polyester fiber and ultra-soft spandex.

These materials are strong and durable, which prevents the stuffed toy from breaking and shrinking. With the proper care, your Squishmallow can surely last the test of time.

Squish ‘Em, Make ‘Em!

Squishmallows are cuddly companions for everyone of all ages. Whether you’re a collector or simply looking for a travel or bedtime buddy, this plushy is your best companion.

It’s a helpful tool to ease stress and anxiety because of its soft texture and cuddly nature - all thanks to the soft yet durable fillings derived from polyester fiber and ultra-soft spandex.

They are so in demand that it gets difficult to differentiate the authentic ones from imitations, so if you want to increase your collection, make sure to buy from licensed retailers like Toynk.


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