Austin the Avocado Squishmallow: Product Guide (2023)

Austin the Avocado Squishmallow: Product Guide (2023)

Say Hello To Austin the Avocado Squishmallow!

Product Details

  • Name: Austin the Avocado Squishmallow
  • Type: Avocado 
  • Color: Light green for his flesh, with dark green avocado skin. The stem at the top of his head and the pit on his belly has a light brown color. 
  • Available Size/s: 3", 3.5", 5", 8", 12", 16", 20"
  • Squishdate: September 27, 2019
  • Squad: Fruit Squad, Valentine Squad 
  • Relatives: Sinclair the Avocado Toast (brother), Mireya the Avocado (cousin)  
  • Model/SKU Number: KTY-SQ20-12AV-C
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Short Bio 

You probably know that avocados are some of the most healthful foods. But that’s not why you like Austin the Avocado Squishmallow — his large, innocent black eyes and beaming smile caught your attention the first time you saw it! And you couldn’t wait to take him home. 

Of course, Austin the Avocado makes for a wonderful companion to all your adventures. If you’re looking for a travel buddy for that upcoming trip to Mars or need a companion to a rock climbing activity in space, you can bet he’ll be just as excited as you, if not more!

Austin became obsessed with outer space after reading an alien book in school. 

Key Features 



Austin the Avocado Squishmallow looks and feels like hugging a giant marshmallow. He is made from soft, high-quality materials: spandex and polyester stuffing. 


Austin the Avocado Squishmallow is primarily green, just like an actual avocado. His flesh is light green, with a dark green outer skin. The stem on top of his head and pit on his belly is light brown.

His eyes are round and black, with a red, smiling mouth. 

This 12-inch sized Squishmallow is the perfect companion to long car rides, the movie theater, or even a snuggle buddy for when you sleep! 

Other Avocado Squishmallows 

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Sinclair the Avocado Toast is Austin’s brother, and they spend most of their time together talking about going to outer space. However, unlike Austin, Sinclair is not 100 percent convinced that aliens exist.

They would love to put their debate to rest by going on an outer space adventure to see (or not see!) with their own eyes. 

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If Sinclair and Austin see eye to eye on most things, Mireya the Avocado, their cousin, is more grounded. Instead of outer space, she loves to sing and act and dreams of starring in her own movie or play!

She expresses herself through clothing and costumes — do you love her Mexican-flag-inspired ribbon?



Aubrey the Avocado is a 5-inch cutie exclusive to Claire’s! As shown in her laughing mouth and closed, cheerful eyes, she is always happy. Her flesh is a lot lighter than Austin’s, with khaki skin and yellow-green flesh.

She loves camping out and singing, which is why her friends threw her a karaoke campout for her birthday this year! 

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Kellytoy's Squishmallows was declared the winner of the 2022 TOTY (Toy of the Year) Awards and the coveted 2019 Plush Toy of the Year Award at the Creative Child Awards. 

Care Instructions 

Care Instructions

Keeping your Squishmallows spic and span is easier than it looks. Of course, you can always spot-clean, but the spandex and polyester material of the plushie make it machine-wash friendly. 

In washing this Squishmallow, put Austin in a roomy pillowcase before putting him in the washing machine in a cold and gentle cycle. You can also wash him with other beddings if you’d like that. 

You can then tumble dry on low and gentle (never hot!) or air dry, depending on which you prefer. Once that’s done, fluff Austin up to his original shape — he’s now ready for more crazy cuddling with you! 


What is the rarest avocado Squishmallow?

One of the rarest avocado Squishmallows is Mexican Austin with a mustache. Austin the Avocado is donning a Mexican sombrero with a curly, wonky mustache! He was released as part of Squishmallow’s Cinco de Mayo collection. 

How many avocado Squishmallows are there?

There are five avocado Squishmallows as of today: Austin the Avocado, Mireya the Avocado, Sinclair the Avocado Toast, Aubrey the Avocado, and Ava the Avocado (who has a tiny avocado baby in a pocket on her belly!). 

Squish ‘Em! 

Check out our listing of Austin the Avocado Squishmallow here because we’re sure you’re excited to take him on your next space adventure! Your growing Squishmallows collection wouldn’t be complete without him. 

Of course, he’ll be more than happy to provide lots of cuddles if you’d like to just watch movies and chill or snuggle with him on a rainy night. This adorable plushie is made from marshmallowy-soft material, making him the perfect cuddle companion. 

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