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Maddox the Gnome Squishmallow: Product Guide (2023)

Meet Maddox the Gnome Squishmallow!

  • Name: Maddox the Gnome
  • Type: Gnome
  • Color: A combination of purple, white, and light blue. It has a round beige nose, primarily a white beard, and a white-dotted purple hat.
  • Available Size/s: 8”, 12”, 16”
  • Squishdate: August 19, 2021
  • Squad: Easter Squad
  • Relatives: Nefen the Gnome
  • Model/SKU Number: KTY-SQE22-16AV_GNM-C


Short Bio

Maddox is a gnome with bunny ears who loves playing video games.

Among the Easter squad, it is no secret that Maddox ranks the highest in critical thinking and strategy. We guess you could call him the top gnome gamer.

Maddox finds playing with his dear friend Poppy super fun. What he enjoys the most, though, is a glass of chocolate strawberry milkshake after breaking a sweat.

Key Features


The purple and light blue Squishmallow named Maddox with a bushy white beard is made of super soft spandex & polyester stuffing, making him a perfect ally for playtime.

It is cuddly and authentic, with an Easter-themed tag.

Maddox the Gnome comes in just the right Squishmallow size, so you can carry the fluff and fun wherever you go!


In your collection of Squishmallows, it is quite easy to spot Maddox with Bunny Ears. One distinct feature is his primary colors - light blue and purple.

His other key features include a purple hat with a pattern of white dots, a distinguishable round nose, a bushy white beard, and a light blue body with a beige belly.

Everything about Maddox screams cute and cuddly!

Other Gnome Squishmallows



If we’re talking about the star of Valentine’s Day, Nefen the Gnome is first in line. Besides Easter Squad’s Maddox, Nefen impresses us with its calm and bubbly appearance at first glance.

The combination of purple, white, and pink definitely creates a merry feeling.


Remmy the Gnome Squishmallow

If you love Maddox, you would also probably fancy another member of the Valentine Squad called Remmy, a gnome who aces every trivia game.

Remmy is known to be a gnome-it-all, but its cute and light-hearted features would make you “okay” with losing, and just cuddle this plush all day long.


Norman the Gnome Squishmallow

On the other hand, Norman is one of the top plushies for the Christmas season.

This red and grey gnome with a red and white striped hat is a master at glass blowing and snowboarding.

Norman is the perfect Christmas gift if you or your friends love having adventures in the snow.


Squishmallows won the February 2022 Toy of the Year Award & People’s Choice Award from The Toy Foundation.

The Toy of the Year award is the most highly coveted award in the toy industry, so Squishmallows bagging it this year says a lot about the credibility, authenticity, and popularity of the toy brand.

In addition, one of Squishmallows Official Kellytoy’s plushies was recently part of Walmart’s 2022 Top Toy List.

Care Instructions

The squishy Maddox is made of high-quality polyester material so that it can last long with proper care.

However, one thing you must avoid is washing the plush at a high heat setting to prevent the material from melting.

With machine wash, remember to set the washer to a cool setting and use only a mild detergent. You may also hand wash the plushie with gentle care.


Is the gnome Squishmallow rare?

Not really. The gnome squishmallow is not one of the top five rare squishmallows produced by Kelly Toys Holdings.

You can determine how rare a Squishmallow is by its three-tiered rarity scale - rare, ultra rare, and special edition.

You can spot a rare squishmallow by its silver tag, an ultra-rare by a golden tag, and a special edition through a holographic tag.

What is the biggest gnome Squishmallow you can buy?

The biggest gnome squishmallow you can buy is Nefen the Gnome in a huggable size of 24 inches.

It is so big it can be a cuddly substitute for a pillow! It can also be a cuddly company for kids during bedtime or playtime.

Squish ‘Em!

Maddox the Gnome checks out everything kids and teenagers want in a plush. It has an appealing design, a smart combination of colors, and high-quality material for long-lasting use.

It is soft and squishy, relieves stress, and doubles the kids’ fun during playtime!

If you are a parent or a friend looking for cute gift ideas, the 100% authentic, holiday-themed squishmallows may be your best option.

Toynk has these in different sizes and other types, so you have a wide variety to choose from for a reasonable price.

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