Burrito Squishmallow

Bernardo the Burrito Squishmallow: Complete Guide (2023)

Meet Bernardo the Burrito Squishmallow!

  • Name: Bernardo
  • Type: Burrito
  • Color: White
  • Available Size/s: 3.5", 5", 8", 12"
  • Squishdate: November 20, 2020
  • Squad: Food
  • Relatives: Edita
  • Collector Number: 691
  • Model/SKU Number: KTY-SQ21-8FDAST-AB-C


Short Bio

Bernardo brings the spicy, creamy, salty, savory, all-in-one surprise whenever he is around the Squishmallows food squad.

He loves to sing Spanish songs, but his forte is playing the piano in front of large crowds.

His passion for Spanish songs and the performing arts is so contagious that the moment you leave the concert hall, you might also find yourself speaking the language!

Key Features


Bernardo, the white Burrito, has an ultrasoft outer fabric made of spandex. Its stuffing includes polyester fiber, so the plushie is absolutely cuddly.

The material feels soft but firm enough to withstand wear and tear after a long while.

The polyester fiber provides good insulation, making the plushy easy to wash and dry. With proper care, Squishmallow toys could definitely last for several years.


Bernardo the Burrito looks both squishy and delicious. His tiny round eyes and shy smile make Bernardo adorable.

He is no less than a typical Mexican burrito, with a body resembling a white tortilla wrap and a silver foil inside.

An overload of meat, lettuce, cheese, and tomato is also visible on Bernardo’s head.

Other Similar Squishmallows


Bernardo is not a lonely burrito in the food squad. You have more than one option in the form of Edita, a white burrito with curled lashes and a broad, open smile.

She loves traveling a lot and cherishes her memories by taking good pictures.

Her favorite subject during trips is transportation methods. She is so passionate about travel that she dreams of becoming a travel blogger one day!

Keina the Sushi


Besides Bernardo the Burrito, Keina the Sushi will also surprise you with its undeniable charm.

Out of the food squad, Keina is probably the friendliest. She is a nomad who likes exploring places, speaking new languages, and meeting new friends.

She is the perfect travel buddy to bring with you on road trips. Check out the Sushi Squishmallow guide here

Chanel the Cinnamon


Chanel, the Cinnamon Roll, is a special kind of mallow. She is the sweetest member of the Valentine squad.

In her free time, she endeavors to teach about pastries at local food pantries. She would definitely connect best with toy lovers who love baking and decorating pastries and cakes!


Many organizations and award-giving bodies have recognized the authenticity, impact, and excellence of The Squishmallows as a toy brand.

In 2022, Squishmallows won the TOTY People’s Choice Award for Plush Toy of the Year.

In 2019, Squishmallows won several awards: The National Parenting Product Award, Plush Toy of the Year Award, Creative Child Magazine, Parent and Teacher Choice Award, and the Fun Stuff Parents’ Choice Award.

Care Instructions

The squishy Bernardo the Burrito is made of high-quality polyester material so it can last long with proper care.

However, one thing you must avoid is washing the plush at a high heat setting to prevent the material from melting.

If you opt to machine wash Bernardo, remember to set the washer to a cool setting and use only a mild detergent. You may also hand wash the plushie with gentle care.


Is the burrito Squishmallow rare?

No, the burrito Squishmallow is not rare. You can buy multiple burrito squishmallows at any major licensed retailer like Toynk.

To determine whether a Squishmallow plush is rare, you may check the hangtag attached to it.

You can spot a rare squishmallow by its silver tag, an ultra-rare by a golden tag, and a special edition through a holographic tag.

What is the biggest burrito Squishmallow you can buy?

The biggest burrito Squishmallow you can buy is a 12-inch Bernardo the Burrito, available at the official Squishmallow website or any major online retailer like Toynk.

A burrito squishmallow this big can serve as a companion and friend, especially in times of stress and isolation.

Squish ‘Em!

If you love burritos and squishmallow plushies, Bernardo the Burrito will be your best buddy through fun trips or movie nights.

This cute, cuddly toy is available in different sizes, and the biggest is a 12-inch Bernardo the Burrito Squishmallow, which you can grab at Toynk.

Toynk offers only authentic and premium Squishmallows, so you can be sure to get your money’s worth.

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