50th Birthday Gift Ideas

15 Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones (2023)

Finding the perfect gift for a 50th birthday celebrant can be tricky. After all, you want them to receive something special because 50 is a huge milestone birthday!

Whether you’re shopping for a family member, friend, or loved one, here are some of the best 50th-birthday gift ideas to help you find the perfect present.

15 Unique 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Personalized Gift

personalized wine glass

Personalized gifts are always special, no matter what age they’re given. These show that you put a lot of thought into what to give them. We suggest getting them something that suits their hobbies.

Personalized wine glasses are always a smash hit. The high-quality crystal glasses could be personalized with the name of the birthday person and birth year for a lasting gift they’ll get a lot of use from. [1]

If they have an affinity for cooking, get them a personalized wooden chopping board instead. They’ll surely remember having a special friend like you every time they use it.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry is another great gift option for someone turning 50. Contrary to belief, you don’t have to spend that much money on jewelry — you simply have to choose pieces that suit the celebrant’s style.

For women, you can get dainty pieces, like rings, bracelets, and necklaces, with their birthstones on them. [2]

You can get a pair of sturdy cufflinks for the birthday boy or a high-quality, sterling silver necklace chain to make him smile. Check out some unique housewarming gifts here

3. Gift Cards

hand holding lots of gift cards

Gift cards are some of the most practical 50th birthday gift ideas. These become some of the best experiences they’ll surely remember for years.

Favorite Restaurant

If you know they are frequently visit this restaurant, get a gift card from the location! It’s a great way to treat them to a nice meal and a fun night out.

You can opt for a gift card that covers a full-course meal for the full experience.

On the same note, if you know they’ve been dying to try this place but just haven’t had the time, a gift card to the location gives them the best excuse not to put it off any longer.

Favorite Spa

We all know that friend who’s always on the go and thinks downtime is “wasted time.” [3] Remind them to relax and take it easy by giving them a gift card to their favorite spa. They’ll surely appreciate having a friend who cares about their well-being.

Favorite Department Store

If you’re familiar with their go-to shopping destination, giving them a gift card to their favorite department store is a great way to treat them to a shopping spree.

You can also take a risk by giving them a gift card to a department store they haven’t been to. Who knows? It just might be their new favorite place!

4. Gift Basket/Gift Set

Gift baskets are great 50th birthday gifts. This type of gift leans towards the DIY route, which requires a bit of creativity and imagination.

Start by choosing a nice, roomy basket to put the presents in. Consider the personality, likes, and dislikes of the birthday honoree in deciding the direction the present will take.

Gourmet gift baskets of fine herbs and spices will do the trick if they love to cook.

And if they love reading, why not get a few titles of their favorite genre and add them to the box?

Your imagination’s the limit!

5. Free Course On Their Favorite Hobbies

Hone their hobbies even further by giving them a subscription or free course on their favorite hobbies. This 50th birthday gift idea can be anything — stock market courses, online mixology classes, online cooking classes, or even virtual wine tastings.

6. Home Decor

Disney And Pixar Up House Ceramic Mini Planter With Artificial Succulent


The Disney And Pixar Up House Ceramic Mini Planter With Artificial Succulent is a whimsical present for someone who just turned 50. We loved the story of Up, and if you know the celebrant does, too, this planter will be a great present.

Scarface 12" The World Is Yours Collectible Statue | Premium Prop Movie Replica


The Scarface 12" The World Is Yours Collectible Statue | Premium Prop Movie Replica is a Scarface fan’s dream. Make your pal’s 50th birthday memorable by giving them this fine movie replica that looks like it was plucked straight from the set.

Disney Bambi Ceramic Mini Planter With Artificial Succulent


The Disney Bambi Ceramic Mini Planter With Artificial Succulent is a lovely present for the birthday girl who enjoys planting. This comes in the likeness of Bambi’s head, complete with his chubby cheeks and fluttery lashes.

Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire Table Lamp | 12 Inches Tall


The Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire Table Lamp | 12 Inches Tall is perfect for the bedside table or toy shelf. The birthday celebrant can personalize this present by choosing any lamp she fancies.

7. Birthday Book

A birthday book is a great 50th birthday gift idea. There are many ways to create a birthday book, but the most popular is through old newspapers.

A birthday book consists of newspaper front pages from their birth date every year until the 50th.

It’s a great way to celebrate their existence in this world and remind them of all the special things that happened during their birthday.

Newspapers aren’t the only materials for birthday books — if you’ve known the celebrant for quite some time, you can also add old photos and favorite memories.

8. Important Keepsake

An important keepsake will always be special 50th birthday gifts. This can be something important like a family heirloom or trinket passed down through generations or a college pin from your university days.

9. Aged Liquor Bottle

pouring whisky on a glass

An aged liquor bottle is a great 50th birthday gift idea for your pal who particularly likes fine alcohol. If you can get a 50-year-old bottle, even better — because they’ll both be celebrating their half-a-century birthday.

Whiskey is always a great option because it has a friendly flavor profile, but if they’re more inclined to a different type of liquor, get them one they’ll enjoy more.

10. Monthly Flower Subscription

Flowers are always a great gift — not just for someone turning 50. Get your best gal pal a monthly flower subscription, so she’ll receive a bouquet of fresh flowers every month until she turns 51.

A monthly box of fresh flowers will surely brighten her home and put a smile on her face. [4]

11. Homemade Time Capsule

A homemade time capsule is one of the most sentimental gifts you can give to anyone. It shows that you pay close attention to their milestones in their 50 years on Earth.

You can also get others involved (like a few friends or family members) in making the homemade time capsule because more creative heads are better than one.

You can include mementos, old photographs, favorite candies, and a personalized message to celebrate everything you love about them.

12. Tool Box

A toolbox is the best gift for someone with a knack for DIY home projects. It’s a thoughtful gift that shows you support their hobbies (and you know exactly who to borrow from the next time you need power tools!).

Make sure you get a set that matches their handling and expertise. If they’re a professional, they may need something larger and more comprehensive, and if they’re starting, make sure the small tool kit includes the basics.

13. Fitness/Wellness Gifts

man on a gym

Fitness and wellness birthday gifts are always great hits. Plus, they’re super practical, and the celebrant can get a lot of use out of them.

If they love hitting the gym, get them a one-year subscription to the neighborhood fitness class so they won’t have a problem stopping by.

And if they love the great outdoors, a pass to an upcoming hiking trail will surely get them pumped up.

14. One-Year Supply Of Vitamins

A one-year supply of vitamins is a must-have for someone starting a new decade in life. Since there are many vitamins and supplements in the market, you want to get a variant that suits their lifestyle (multivitamins are best to maintain their overall health).

15. Make Over Galore

woman getting a hair cut

A makeover galore is a great way to pamper the celebrant! Get a gift certificate from a great salon for a new haircut and hair color to celebrate this special occasion.

You can also give them a gift cheque for new clothes from the trendy fashion boutique.


What gift should you give to your mom’s 50th birthday?

A spa gift set or self-care kit would be great for your mom’s 50th birthday. Moms are always busy, so it would be a nice opportunity for them to relax and unwind.

What’s a great 50th birthday gift to a man who has everything?

New experiences are great 50th birthday gift ideas for a man who has everything. If they haven’t yet, give them a helicopter tour!

Scout your city for a location that might offer this experience. It’s a fun way to explore the city from a different perspective.

What gift can you give on your best friend’s 50th birthday?

A time capsule is a thoughtful and special gift you can give your best friend on her 50th birthday. Fill the time capsule with your favorite photos and mementos from your years of friendship — it will surely let them relive the magic of days past.

Life Begins At 50, Really!

We hope you’ve gotten inspired by these 50th birthday gift ideas. Turning 50 is always a big deal; you want to make it even more memorable with special birthday presents.

Start by taking into account their personality in gift-giving. Do they love to cook? They will surely love the herbs and spices set! And if you know them to be pretty nifty with woodworking, durable power tools will always be a no-brainer.

If they’ve been your friend for a long time, consider giving them a time capsule that captures all those years of friendship.

Include photos, old movie tickets, their favorite candies, and a special message — the works! This will be even more special because of the personal touch you put into it.


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