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White Plastic 18 Button Pop Fidget Spinner Toy

White Plastic 18 Button Pop Fidget Spinner Toy

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  • POP & SPIN PLAYTIME: This entertaining children's activity features the original bubble-popping game with a spinning twist! Pop toys keep your little one engaged through sensory interaction, providing them with endless fun and play.
  • NO PIECES OR PARTS: The simple push-pop and spin design is equipped with everything your child needs to play. This handheld fidget toy is portable and lightweight, so it can be easily taken on the go. No mess, no hassle! Measures 140x140mm.
  • SAFE & CLEAN: The ultra-durable plastic design ensures Pop toys are safe for handheld play and games. Easy to maintain and keep clean, this fidget toy can be thoroughly rinsed with soap and water.
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: The easy-play concept makes this fidget toy a fun solo or group activity. The vibrant coloring and fun shape is appealing to young children, keeping their full attention and interest.
  • ANXIETY & STRESS RELIEF: This fun sensory toy is specially designed to stimulate your child's brain. Through natural play and interaction, Pop toys can help enhance their motor skills and other cognitive functions.

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