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Seeing Red


Women's Western Vintage Edwardian Steampunk Costume Dress | Blue

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Recreate history with modern convenience.

Who knew a simple vintage dress could be so versatile? This simple vintage style costume dress is a scene-setting chameleon. The clean lines and solid color are a canvas that let you create a look from the American frontier to a European laboratory. Here's some ideas to get you started:
  • Add a Stetson and cowboy boots to channel Annie Oakley.
  • Add an apron and bonnet for a pioneer woman costume.
  • Put up your hair, grab a test tube, and you're Marie Curie.
  • Add a top hat, monocle and chain of gearwheels to evoke a steampunk adventurer.
  • And you'll think of tons more!

It's time to recreate a past time -- so don't let time slip away, and add this to your cart now.