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OFFICIAL Smiley World Soft Throw Blanket | Cute Plush Blanket | 50 x 60 Inches

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Bring Joy to Your Home

Smiley World is the happiest brand ever and was founded by Franklin Loufrani in 1971 with one goal in mind: Make People Happy. His whimsical faces are meant to bring joy to all and now they are pictured on this soft plush blanket. These emoji style faces are plastered all over this blanket to bring you joy!


Give the Gift of Smiley World!

This blanket is a perfect gift for anyone who loves emojis, smiley faces, or even just being warm and cuddly. Especially enjoyed by girls, this blanket would be a perfect gift to complete their bedroom décor!



Size: 60" x 50"

Material: Soft Plush


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