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Dark Horse Comics


Sin City Eric So Marv Vinyl Figure

  • Officially Licensed
  • Limited to 950 pieces!
  • Interpreted by renowned designer vinyl artist Eric So
  • Includes a pack of Band-Aid stickers with each figure

In a collaboration pairing two of the most stellar talents of contemporary pop culture, Dark Horse Comics is announcing a new limited-edition oversize vinyl figure of the character Marv, from Frank Miller's Sin City, to be interpreted by Eric So, considered a master of modern design and a seminal figure in the foundation of the Hong Kong designer art toy movement. The figure is more of a re-invention than a reproduction. While it is clear that Miller's graphics inform the piece, it is more of a signpost along the way than the end of the journey. The Eric So touches abound from the detailing of the trench coat to the sharp angles and odd proportions of the character's features. As we all know, Marv knows how to take a punch and has the bandages to prove it. We are providing a pack of Band-Aid style stickers with each figure and the consumer can affix them to Marv as they like.