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Geeki Tikis Rick & Morty Krombopulos Michael Tiki Style Ceramic Mug | Holds 16 Ounces

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  • AN ASSASSIN TURNED TIKI: Krombopulos Michael is one of the galaxies finest assassins. Or at least he was until Morty put a swift end to his bounty hunting days. Pay tribute to K. Michael with this Geeki Tikis bar mug made in his likeness!
  • THE DISCREET ASSASSIN: Tiki mugs are a popular commodity among those who enjoy a fun and refreshing drink. With a vibrant green color and displaying his sharp claws, K. Michael is the perfect addition to your Geeki Tikis bar mug collection!
  • MORTY TESTED, RICK APPROVED: This collectible tiki mug is crafted from a durable ceramic material and built to last. This Krombopulos Michael tiki is microwave safe and top shelf dishwasher safe!
  • EVERYONE'S FAVORITE RICK & MORTY CHARACTER: With a ceramic build and a 16-ounce capacity, K. Michael is the perfect drinking cup for any type of brew or mixed drink! Enjoy a Mai Tai or Pina Colada with the galaxy's best bounty hunter!
  • RICK & MORTY ENTER THE TIKI-VERSE: Each Geeki Tikis mug is designed to bring your favorite hobbies together; mixed drinks and Rick & Morty! This Krombopulos Michael mug is officially licensed and perfect for any tiki mug collection!

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