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Geeki Tiki Popeye Ceramic Mug | Wimpy | 18 ounces

  • A TROPICAL TWIST ON A TRULY CLASSIC CARTOON: Presenting: the vintage Pacific Island version of the monetarily challenged champion burger eater, cast for keeps in dishwasher- and microwave-safe stoneware
  • LEVEL UP YOUR BEVERAGE GAME: Geeki Tiki adds fun pop to your morning coffee (or tea) ritual with a classic ceramic mug from a truly classic cartoon
  • LOAD UP IN YOUR LOCAL SAILOR HANGOUT with sweet, liquid life-jolting elixir. Also known as your favorite instant coffee brand. Because you're at least as badass as Popeye
  • ENJOY THE ISLAND BEACH VERSION OF TOON TOWN: Geeki Tiki takes iconic pop culture characters and scenes and applies our unique Tiki flair. Even the Bluto would crack a smile
  • ONLY THE REAL DEAL WILL DO: All of our merchandise is officially licensed, made to to the highest standards, for long-term fan enjoyment

From an alternate Tiki reality that’s imbued with a relaxed “surf’s up” vibe, a humorous homage to the ageless Popeye the Sailor world.

Imagine an alternate universe where South Seas culture is the norm and everything’s filtered through a tropical, Easter Island sensibility, and you have Geeki Tiki’s take on the spinach-chomping sailor and his zany friends and prominently-nosed characters. Plus, you also get a useful and amusing beverage mug. Talk about sweet pau pau!

This Pacific Islander version of Wimpy, the always monetarily challenged champion burger eater, immortalized now not just on film but in blocky and sturdy ceramic, won't eat you out of house and home (well, not without your help, anyway), and is always eager to hold your drink. Whether filled with your favorite coffee brew, or with different beverage at a beach party, you’ve got the “fun” part of functionality.