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Poop Emoji Poopee Whoopee Fart Sound Cushion Toy Set of 3

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The Poopee Cushion - A modern spin on a classic prank for adults and children.

No matter your age, farts are funny! The whoopee cushion is one of the most classic fart toys out there. That's why we designed the POOPEE CUSHION to give a modern spin on a classic toy.

Includes 3 whoopie cushions in your favorite poop emoji shape.

You will receive three (3) whoopie cushions with your order for triple the fun and three times the pranks.

Long lasting fun that the whole family or office will enjoy.

Made from durable rubber, simply blow up the poopee cushion and place in an unsuspecting place to have fun over and over. Great for stocking stuffers, office pranks, and any other prank appropriate situation!

If you're looking for poop toys, look no further! Spice up your pranks and don't buy a boring shaped whoopee cushion. Click Add To Cart above and get the poop emoji shaped POOPEE CUSHION today.