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Marvel Captain Marvel Nick Fury's Pager Money Clip | Exclusive Marvel Wallet

Marvel Captain Marvel Nick Fury's Pager Money Clip | Exclusive Marvel Wallet

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  • PAGING CAPTAIN MARVEL: At the end of Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, we see Nick Fury pull out his pager just as he begins to turn to dust. As the pager falls to the devastated earth, we see Captain Marvels symbol flash on his screen, a distress beacon has been answered.
  • AVOID THE FURY OF LOOSE BILLS: Now Nick Fury's pager has been redesigned into this fashionable money clip and is ready to safeguard your currency into a better future. Wrap up your money and secure it with this Marvel-themed money clip!
  • DESIGNED FROM ADVANCED KREE MATERIALS: Create a buzz among your Marvel friends when you bust out this 2.6-inch metal money clip. Not only will this clip protect your cash, but it's designed after the same clip that can summon Captain Marvel!
  • A FASHIONABLE COLLECTIBLE: The money clip can also double as a belt clip allowing you to complete your own Nick Fury cosplay! Live like Fury and never go without a contingency plan. This Captain Marvel pager was his.
  • EXCLUSIVE CAPTAIN MARVEL COLLECTIBLE: Released at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, this exclusive money clip pager is an officially licensed Marvel collectible. Enjoy displaying this unique item in your Marvel collections housed proudly in it's included display box!

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