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Heinz Ketchup Bottle 570 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle For Adults And Kids

Heinz Ketchup Bottle 570 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle For Adults And Kids

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  • Fun Challenge: Get a taste of "the slowest ketchup in the west" with this Heinz Ketchup Jigsaw Puzzle, featuring the popular tomato-based condiment. Foodies will have a fun experience piecing together this classic brand piece by piece.
  • Iconic Design: Assembled image depicts classic Heinz Tomato Ketchup packaging, with its ready-to-serve glass bottle design. Famous for its thick and rich taste, now you can "find the goodness" of the popular table condiment with this fun food puzzle.
  • Premium Construction: Made of top-quality material, this sturdy puzzle board features easy-fit pieces that snap into place. The expert craftsmanship of this jigsaw puzzle is designed with high-grade pieces that seamlessly interlock.
  • Perfect For Display: Completed 570-piece puzzle measures approximately 11 x 37 inches, making for an amazing display piece. The vibrant (and tasty) Heinz bottle image of the finished jigsaw puzzle is great for adding a pop of color to your space.
  • Makes A Great Gift: Enhance your mood (and your hunger) with a fun puzzle challenge. This engaging activity can be completed solo or in a group. The perfect way to pass the time, this Heinz Ketchup Jigsaw Puzzle makes a great gift for any occasion