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Doctor Who The Impossible Set w/ 11th Doctor & Oswin Oswald 5" Action Figures

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Clara & The Doctor: Together but apart... “The Impossible Set” is a must-have exclusive collector’s pack.

The set features the Eleventh Doctor as he appeared in the 2012 Christmas special “The Snowmen” and Oswin Oswald, the Impossible Girl, from "Asylum of the Daleks," the seventh series premiere episode.

The Doctor's outfit features a Victorian frock coat with fur and brocade detailing and a top hat.

Oswin's outfit is a one-piece red dress with her souffle-making accessory belt

The 5-inch figure set is presented in a unique double-sided foil embellished San Diego Comic Con collector packwith 'peephole' Dalek eye window on one side and a Victorian winter vista on the other.

Officially-licensed BBC & Doctor Who collectible.