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Cliccors Loops Toy Shirtpunch Variant Pink & Black

Cliccors Loops Toy Shirtpunch Variant Pink & Black

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  • SHIRTPUNCH VARIANT: This Cliccors features pink and black colors.
  • TWIST YOUR IMAGINATION: Cliccors toys don’t just snap rigidly together, they also feature multiple two-way articulation points.
  • BUILT-IN ARTICULATION: Means that even when Cliccors toys are built, they can still continue to be re-shaped and reformed into new and surprising designs.
  • LIMITLESS FUN: You can also make lots of great stuff out of them, literally hours of fun and endless possibilities.
  • NOT CLICC-ING AFTER YOUR PURCHASE?: Return it for a full refund, not a problem!

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