Sonic The Hedgehog Toys: Welcome To the Next Level


Here at Toynk, we like to stay energized with iconic video game characters, including Sonic toys. Speed things up with our Sonic the Hedgehog toys and merchandise. We carry supercharged Sonic the Hedgehog toys and merchandise that comes straight from the planet Mobius. Based on SEGA’s popular video game franchise, our featured Sonic toys selection of the iconic Blue Blur will have you racing to the checkout line. The game never has to end when you fill your space with Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise including home décor, apparel, iconic video game characters, action figures, and collectibles.


Level up your cozy sesh with throw blankets, wear your fandom with snapback hats and accessories or conquer Green Hill Zone with other super sonic must-haves. We promise to keep the zap traps and bubbling lava to a minimum while you scroll through our Sonic the Hedgehog collection.


Sonic Action Figures, Hedgehog Toys, Plushies & Collectibles


Looks like the party's getting started, time to rock and roll! What’s even better than stocking up on Sonic the Hedgehog gold rings?


Shop iconic video game characters with our Sonic the Hedgehog toys and collectibles. We’ve got Sonic the Hedgehog gifts, action figures, playsets, PVC statues, Funko Pops, bendable figures, plush toys, stuffed animals, and more. Do you feel the need for speed? Kick it into high gear with remote control cars and pull-back vehicles that will have you driving faster than the speed of sound.


If you plan to defeat Dr. Robotnik, then you are going to need the help of a supersonic crew. Race through any obstacle with our assorted character merch and Hedgehog toys, including Hedgehog Tails, Sonic, Amy Rose, Shadow, Knuckles the Echidna, and other fan faves.

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