Frighten your friends, family and whole neighborhood with one of the creepiest Halloween decoration to date. What's more spine tingling than the feeling that someone is lurking in the shadows, watching your every move? It's fright at first sight with Scary Peeper's prank prop. Made to look like a peeping Tom peering into your home, these creepy guys have their hands cupped around their faces just to see you better, my dear, for an extra dose of realism. The face mounts on the inside or outside of a window with an included suction cup. Place it on the inside of a car window to shock passersby in the parking lot, or in your basement window to spook the gas meter reader. 

Some models of Scary Peepers are motion-activated. Clowns and voyeurs tap on the glass as people walk by, the sound of a mad jester's chilling giggle will follow your party guests long after they've gone to sleep and the glowing red eyes of the Grim Reaper are enough to send you to an early grave. 

Looking for something a little more economical? The Scary Peeper Scary Intruder door prop is the perfect way to startle someone coming around a corner, and a newer, more realistic-looking Scary Peeper window cling gives the sense of unease you've come to expect from these prank props. 

Scary Peepers aren't just creepy looking men. We have the alien and motion-activated witch decorations as well. Want to keep Sunnyvale's Samsquamptch from messing with your buckets? (Yes, we looked up the spelling - stay weird, Canada!) Get a Sasquatch Scary Peeper to keep that Canadian trailer monster at bay. Or show the kids that Santa really is keeping an eye on them with Scary Peeper's Santa's Helper decoration. The little elf can report whether they are naughty or nice all season long! 

Scary Peepers prank props are so realistic, many stores have pulled them from their shelves, but we have them at! Shop online today for that perfect Halloween prank.

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