What Are the Care Bear Names

What Are the Care Bear Names? Answered (2024 Updated)

Care Bears is an amazing show that has generated a cult following through the years.

The entire Care Bears franchise isn’t just toys but serves as a trusty best friend in the life of most kids.

If you’re wondering, “what are the Care Bear names?” we have did the research and crafted a list for you to help you easily identify your Care Bears collection. 

Top 40 Lovable Care Bear Names

1. America Cares Bear

America Care Bear

America Cares Bear is a white male stuffed animal Care Bear with a red, white, and blue shooting star symbol from 1991.

2.  Amigo Bear

We discovered that Amigo Bear debuted in 2006 and he is a male red-orange colored Care Bear with a red Aztec-style spiral sun studded by small hearts tummy sign.

3. Bedtime Bear

Bedtime Bear is a male baby blue-colored bear and based on our research, he is part of the first 10 original bears (first Care Bear) in 1982 [1]. He bears moon and star signs.

4. Best Friend Bear

Bearing a smiling heart, rainbow, and a star symbol with a purple color, Best Friend Bear is one cute bear to watch!

5. Birthday Bear

We found out that Birthday Bear is one of the ten first Care Bears to debut on 1982 American Greetings cards.

He can be seen in yellow color and a pink cupcake with a candle tummy sign.

6. Champ Bear

Making a plush toy debut in 1984, Champ Bear is a blue male bear with a golden trophy badge and a red wishing star.

7. Cheer Bear

Cheer Bear

Joining the eight original others in 1982, Cheer Bear is a pink female bear with a cute rainbow tummy badge.

8. Christmas Wishes Bear

The male, white-colored Christmas Wishes Bear has a Christmas tree badge, waiting to make your holiday wishes come true!

9. Daydream Bear

This indigo-colored bear first appeared in the mid-1980s when the additional bears joined the UK. She bears a heart with a halo tummy badge.

10. Do-Your-Best Bear

Debuting as a part of the original Care Bears toy line and TV series, this bear is a male greenish yellow Care Bear with a colorful kite tummy badge.

11. Friend Bear

The yellow-orange-colored Friend Bear is one of the ten original Care Bears names, and her tummy symbol is two smiling sunflowers.

12. Funshine Bear

Having a smiling golden sun with shades belly symbol, Funshine Bear joined the original other bears' names in 1982.

13. Good Luck Bear

Good Luck Bear

Teamed with Funshine Bear in the 1982 Care Bears, Good Luck Bear is green in color (just like Oopsy Bear) with a four-leaf clover tummy badge.

14. Grams Bear

Originally appearing in the 1984 special Care Bears: The Freeze Machine, the gray-colored Grams Bear has a pink rose and ribbon symbol on her tummy.

15. Grumpy Bear

Teamed up with Love-a-Lot Bear, Grumpy Bear initially appeared in 1982 with a blue rain cloud and a water drop tummy sign.

16. Harmony Bear

Bearing a rainbow musical note symbol and a violet color, Care Bear Harmony Bear first appeared in the 1980s cartoon series.

17. Heartsong Bear

Heartsong Bear's fur is turquoise, and her Belly Badge has a rainbow-colored musical note encircled by five heart symbols.

18. Hopeful Heart Bear

In 2005, Hopeful made her debut as a plush toy. She stands out as a pink bear and bears a heart symbol with multicolored light rays.

19. Laugh-a-Lot Bear

Carrying a smiling star logo and dark orange fur, Laugh-a-Lot Care Bear appeared in plush form in 2006.

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20. Love-a-Lot Bear

In 1982, Love-a-Lot Bear made its debut with a logo of a pair of two hearts and a magenta pink color.

21. Secret Bear

Magenta-colored Secret Bear first appeared in 1985 in The Care Bear family movie, bearing a heart-shaped lock sign for good luck.

22. Share Bear

Share Bear

Share Bear is a female bear that Friend Bear likes.

Share Bear had a milkshake with two straws tummy sign, which later on changed to two lollipops in the new generation because sharing a milkshake with your friends can “spread germs.”

Share Bear loves keeping everyone safe and healthy!

23. Smart Heart Bear

Based on our research, Care Bear’s Smart Heart first appeared in 2005 as a plush doll with a reddish-pink color and an apple tummy sign.

24. Superstar Bear

Superstar Bear is a lemon yellow bear with a Belly badge, an orange three-layered star with a red and yellow outline, a red heart in the center, and a three stars tummy symbol.

25. Sweet Dreams Bear

A pink good night's sleep crescent moon rests on a cloud in Sweet Dreams Bear's tummy symbol, which complements her mauve fur.

26. Take Care Bear

Mulberry-colored Take Care Bear, which first appeared in a promotional coloring book, was brought back for the Care Bear toys line in the 2000s.

27. Tenderheart Bear

One of the ten main Care Bears, Tenderheart Bear made its debut on greeting cards in 1982.

28. Thanks-a-Lot Bear

Thanks-a-Lot Bear's fur is a deep teal, and her Belly emblem is a shooting star in yellow, red, and rainbow colors.

29. Togetherness Bear

Togetherness Bear has rainbow fur, her hair is styled in a ponytail, and her plush is multi-pastel.

30. Trick-or-Sweet Bear

Trick-or-Sweet Bear

The Belly Badge of Trick-or-Sweet Bear is a carved baby pumpkin in the shape of a jack-o-lantern.

31. True Heart Bear

She co-founded Care-a-Lot with Noble Heart Horse (not to be confused with the Always There Bear) [2].

32. Unity Bear

Unity Bear’s Belly Badge shows three Care Bears making a triangle with their paws, suggesting her fun-loving personality, feelings, and how she loves to play games.

33. Watchful Bear

Care Bear Watchful Bear’s belly emblem is a little golden star with swirls surrounding it for luck.

34. Wish Bear

When the Care Bears by American Greetings debuted in 1982, Wish Bear was one of the 10 original Care Bear names.

35. Work of Heart Bear

Rainbow tones can be seen in Work of Heart Bear’s fur, and her Belly button has a palette in the form of a heart.

36. Always There Bear

We discovered that Always There Bear was first seen in 2006 in the play Along Toy Range. 

She is a dependable and willing to lend and ear. 

37. Calming Heart Bear

We found out that Calming Heart Bear was created as a scented plush in 2023. She is sweet, compassionate, and peaceful with a fur that fades from yellow to pink.

38. Care-A-Lot Bear 

Based on our research, Care-A-Lot Bear was released in 2022 as part of Care Bears 40th Anniversary.

It has a light blue, pink, and purple color scheme and her belly badge has a rising rainbow with two clouds interconnected.

39. Dare to Care Bear

Dare to Care Bear was created in 2023 and it has blue, purple, pink, and orange fur. 

The bear has a belly badge of smiling shooting stars and they believe in the power of friendship and kindness.

40. Dream Bright Bear

Dream Bright Bear

Dream Bright Bear has a lavender hair and bottom with sky blue fur and heart-shaped pupils. 

Dream Bright Bear is optimistic and encourages everyone to believe in themselves.


How many Care Bears are there?

We discovered that there are more than 60 Care Bears in total, each with a different look and personality. 

What is the rarest Care Bear?

Noble Heart Horse Care Bears’ Cousin is the most expensive and rarest Care Bear. He could be bought at a whopping $800 to $1,200. 

How many Care Bears are originally there?

We learned that originally, there were ten Care Bears. It expanded to over 60 as they introduced more new bears. 

Final Verdict

With our complete list of care bear names, you won’t have difficulty identifying your entire collection!

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