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From limited-edition collectibles to rare treasures, your checklist will guide you through a world of sci-fi wonders and superhero delights. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere and make unforgettable memories as you unveil the most sought-after items available only at SDCC 2023.

Don't let the excitement pass you by. Plan ahead and be prepared to seize the extraordinary with your carefully curated checklist. Get ready to embrace the thrill of SDCC 2023 and embark on an adventure like no other.

If you’re panicking about where to begin, as the event is only a few weeks away, don’t worry — we’ve got your back. 

Consider this your ultimate guide to MUST-HAVE SDCC Exclusives!

Geeki Tikis & Market Debuts 

SDCC Exclusives

The Killer Klowns are appearing exclusively at this year’s Comic Con! They’ve been Tiki-fied this time, but don’t let yourself think for a second that they’re less scary. 


Geeki Tiki Killer Klowns - Shorty

Killer Klowns from Outer Space’s Shorty appears as his Tiki-fied self in the Geeki Tiki Killer Klowns - Shorty. 

This Tiki mug perfectly captures his sinister aura, although we wish they’d kept his colorful costume intact. Get him exclusively at this year’s Comic-Con for this year’s Halloween drinks. 

Geeki Tiki Killer Klowns - Rudy

His buddy Rudy also makes a splash, carrying his signature Jawbreaker Mace. His body etchings are done in red to contrast with Shorty’s green. 

Geeki Tiki Killer Klowns - Jumbo

Lastly, don’t forget Jumbo! This Killer Klown is in a striking blue color, enhancing all his intricate detailing. 

He is the most evil among the three, choosing to kill simply for pleasure. Collect all three exclusively at this year’s SDCC. 

Market Debuts 

MochiOshi plushies are making their debut at the 2023 SDCC, and you can find them exclusively at the Toynk booth. 

MochiOshi Avocado

First up is the MochiOshi Avocado, whose heart is so wide that many consider him a big softie. 

He is incredibly cuddly and would be an excellent addition to your bedside, sofa, or plush collection. 

MochiOshi Boba Tea

MochiOshi Boba Tea is the best friend you ever had. She’s incredibly chatty and has all the hot goss on this side of town. 

You will always see her wearing pearls because, according to her, they’re the perfect “match-a.” 

MochiOshi Burrito

If you’re a fan of all things Mexican, check out MochiOshi Burrito. He is an impressive 8” in length, which is great if you’re looking for a permanent cuddle buddy. 

He’ll be happy to tell you all about his big movie roles on the island (he’s only the biggest movie star ever). 

MochiOshi Eggplant

Lastly, MochiOshi Eggplant will always be there for you whenever you get into trouble, even more so when you’re at the gym he frequents. 

Surprisingly, he has a calm demeanor that all of his friends love him for. 

Time To Gear Up! 

Easy Cosplay 

It’s important to remember that the SDCC is your ticket to wearing a full-on anime costume without anyone else batting an eyelid. 

So if it’s your dream to go out as a full-blown Uchiha, go ahead — no one’s stopping you! 

Showing your love for your favorite fandom through hoodies, sweatshirts, and T-shirts is another way to go about it. (They are also the most comfortable, if you ask us.) 

Replicas/Tradable Pins

Participating in trading pins and replicas is another way to make your SDCC weekend more memorable. 

Most of the time, fellow fans will carry around rare pins and replicas, so it’s worth bringing good pins of your own to score elusive designs! 


Ensure you are well-equipped to handle the mania and craze synonymous with the SDCC. 

Make sure you have a roomy bag ready to hold all your essential belongings (as well as all the loot you can score). 

Water Bottles

Bring a water bottle with you, too, because staying hydrated amid the summer heat is crucial if you want to keep having fun over the SDCC weekend. 

Check Out Our Booths! 


Toynk is participating in the 2023 SDCC! Visit us at booths #815 and #3849 to check out exclusive items you can’t get anywhere else. 

Tentacle Kitty

Tentacle Kitty is the newest craze to hit the sci-fi/anime scene. She’s a cute pink kitty with tentacles for legs who finds her way to Earth. 

You bet she’s finding her way back to her home planet, but not before making some Earth friends along the way. Visit her at booth #1501. 


Ukonic is home to licensed and unlicensed merch from your favorite superhero, anime, and sci-fi franchises. 

They are not just limited to toys and figures but also have cool home improvement stuff! Check out what you can get from them at booth #1501. 

Syndicate Collectibles

Syndicate Collectibles is home to high-end statues and figures that look like the real thing. 

These are made with the utmost care and attention to detail that you would have a hard time not bringing one home. Visit them at booth #4245. 


Located in booth #4229, Hulu is a streaming service with some of the most popular anime titles, including Bleach, Naruto, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia. 

Check out some of the cool anime merch you can score from them. 

Key Takeaways 

SDCC is just a few weeks away, and we’re just as excited as you are for the biggest sci-fi and superhero summer weekend! 

We know you’re busy prepping for the three-day event, and we hope this list has helped you somehow. 

If you’re like us and can’t wait for the day, check out our collections.

We have Toynk exclusives that you can swap for other cool items with fellow fans or add to your current collection. 

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