Get Ready for Epic Geekiness: Exclusive Geeki Tiki Merch & More

Get Ready for Epic Geekiness: Exclusive Geeki Tiki Merch & More


If you’re still looking for a comprehensive guide on what to do once you’re there, here’s everything you can check out. 

Geeki Tikis - Toynk & SDCC Exclusives 

Are you looking to grow your Geeki tiki mug collection? Here are some you can pick up from the Toynk booth that you won’t get anywhere else (they’re available exclusively at this year’s SDCC!). 

Geeki Tiki Playhouse Tiki Totem 22oz Ceramic Mug

If you’re looking for a reason to purchase the Geeki Tiki Playhouse Tiki Totem 22oz Ceramic Mug, you should know that only 184 of these are in circulation. 

This Tiki totem comes in gorgeous lavender and features a 360-degree compilation of Pee-wee Herman imagery. 

Geeki Tiki Aloha Pee-Wee 12oz Ceramic Mug

The Geeki Tiki Aloha Pee-Wee 12oz Ceramic Mug is a better match for those who want a Tiki mug with only Pee-wee’s head. 

This features our favorite comedian in his signature expression and wearing the traditional Hawaiian garb. 

Geeki Tiki Big Head Pee-Wee 22oz Ceramic Mug

The Geeki Tiki Big Head Pee-Wee 22oz Ceramic Mug is a must-have in anyone’s Pee-wee Herman collection because it’s currently limited to 154 pieces. 

This mug features the comedian’s head in the likeness of a stone sculpture, with the words Mekka Lekka Hi written behind it. 

Geeki Tiki The Great Garloo 14oz Ceramic Mug

The Geeki Tiki The Great Garloo 14oz Ceramic Mug features the vintage remote-control toy robot as seen in the 1960s. Take him home to add a sci-fi touch to your growing Tiki mug collection. 

Plush Market Debuts & Toynk Exclusives

Killer Klowns Plush Fatso

Killer Klowns Plush Fatso makes his debut in this year’s SDCC. This plush doll looks like it will haunt your dreams, but that still won’t make him a terrible cuddle buddy. 

He is made with easy-to-clean plush and huggable material, making him a great companion during long car and plane rides. 

Bee & PuppyCat - 16" Puppycat Plush

The Bee & PuppyCat - 16" Puppycat Plush is based on the popular cartoon series. It features our favorite PuppyCat, who resembles, well, a puppy and a cat. 

It’s made with super soft plush material and is suitable for people of all pages. Give this as a gift to your favorite buddy to let them know that they’re super special. 

Bee & PuppyCat 8" TV Temp-Bot Plush

Temp-Bot is an intergalactic creature that resides in an agent computer. Take it home with the Bee & PuppyCat 8" TV Temp-Bot Plush! 

It’ll surely add plenty of positive energy and professionalism to your space. 

Bee & PuppyCat 8" Fish Wallace Plush

The Bee & PuppyCat 8" Fish Wallace Plush stands at 8”, making him the perfect cuddle buddy. 

Despite his large size, he is actually a baby, and he needs plenty of games and stories to keep him entertained. Take him home with you so he’ll feel safe and cared for in your room. 

Gear Up For Comic Con 

Easy Cosplay 

One of the best ways to show your love for your favorite fandom is through hoodies, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. They’ll also keep you nice and comfortable while you go through the different booths! 

Of course, SDCC is one of the few events in the year where costumes and cosplays are encouraged.

If it’s your dream to arrive at an event wearing Pee-wee Herman’s signature suit and bowtie, this is definitely the time to do it. 


Movie replicas are always a collector’s dream, and the SDCC is where you can score rare ones. Keep your eyes peeled for unique replicas from your favorite fandom! 

Tradable Pins 

Fellow SDCC goers are always happy to trade pins with you if you’ve got the good stuff. 

Check out our website for tradable pins you can swap for other elusive ones at the event. This is also another way to make great friends.  


Make sure you have the right gear when you go to the SDCC. 

We always recommend that goers bring a bag that can hold all their personal belongings, such as their wallet, keys, and phone. The bag must also be roomy enough for other stuff you will bring home from the event. 

Water Bottles

Water bottles are a must at every SDCC event. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated amidst all the excitement of the fun-filled sci-fi and superhero weekend! 

Staying hydrated is also a great way to ensure the fun doesn’t stop. 

Check Out Our Booths! 


Toynk can be found at booths #815 and #3849 at the SDCC. Come visit us to find Toynk-exclusive merch of your favorite fandoms! 

Tentacle Kitty

If meeting a pink kitty cat with tentacles sounds interesting to you, check out Tentacle Kitty at booth #1501. 

She has plenty of cool stories about living on Earth and might tell you interesting stuff about the planet she came from. 


Ukonic is home to licensed and unlicensed merchandise from all your favorite fandoms. They’re not just limited to toys and figures but also carry many home improvement items. 

Visit booth #1235 if you’d like to transform your space to show your love for your fandom and hobbies. 

Syndicate Collectibles

Syndicate Collectibles carry high-end statues and figures that are so life-like and intricate it can be hard to tell that they’re not the real thing! 

Their statues are every collector’s envy. Check them out at booth #4245. 


Hulu is home to many of your favorite anime and superhero movies. Watch out for them at booth #4229. 

Key Takeaways 

The San Diego Comic Con is your perfect excuse to geek out over your favorite fandoms with your favorite people. 

The event is also a collector's dream because it’s a great way to score rare and exclusive pieces you won’t find anywhere else. 

If you’re super excited and can hardly wait for the SDCC weekend, check out our Toynk collection to quell your excitement. 

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