Tom Brady Funko Pop Bucs: NFL Product Guide For 2023

Tom Brady Funko Pop Bucs: NFL Product Guide For 2023

Hooray For Tom Brady Funko Pop Bucs!

  • Character: Tom Brady
  • Category: Sports 
  • Color: Primarily red, orange, black, and white for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers colors, with some flesh for his skin 
  • Size: 3 ¾ inches 
  • Style: NFL Funko Pop 
  • Rarity: Common
  • Year: 2021 
  • Character Family: NFL 

Short Bio 

Short Bio

Tom Brady is now in a stylized Funko Pop! Show your love for this NFL superstar by displaying him on your office desk, home toy shelf, or bedside table. 

Tom Brady holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins — a whopping six! — and is arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

He is remarkably consistent, disciplined, and has a great work ethic, which resulted in him getting the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award five times. 

What sets Tom Brady apart from other pro footballers is that he is a leader, not a boss. He remains humble and sees himself as one of the boys, even going so far as to make important sacrifices in a game. His teammates from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers love him. 

Key Features 


All Funko Pop! characters are made of vinyl, a form of plastic. Vinyl chloride is used to produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC), one of the largest petrochemicals in production. Most figurines available in the market are made from vinyl. 



Tom Brady is wearing his signature Tampa Bay Buccaneers home uniform: a red jersey with a white number 12 printed on it and gray pants with a red stripe along the sides. On his feet are long white socks and his iconic red cleats. 

Of course, his football uniform wouldn’t be complete without the protective helmet over his head, adorned with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo on the side.

His arms and legs are poised in a passing stance, and he is clutching an NFL football in his right hand. He is standing on a bed of green grass. 

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Similar Funko Pops 

Of course, if you liked the Tom Brady Funko Pop!, here are other NFL Funko Pops you should definitely check out. 

New England Patriots NFL Funko Pop Vinyl Figure | SB LIII Tom Brady

New England Patriots NFL Funko Pop Vinyl Figure | SB LIII Tom Brady

Most Tom Brady fans are probably aware that the football superstar played for the New England Patriots during the first 20 years of his career — and probably played his best game while still with the team. 

This one here is a Graded AFA, meaning there are very few flaws to this little guy. You can also sell him higher when the time comes! 

We also carry a Graded AFA 9.25 and 9.5 if you want something better. 


Is Tom Brady Funko Pop Bucs better than Tom Brady England patriots?

Whether or not you find that the Tom Brady Funko Pop Bucs is better than the Tom Brady Funko Pop New England Patriots depends on your preference. Tom Brady was a great asset and played extremely well for both teams, but he did get his MVP awards with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  

Is Tom Brady Funko Pop Bucs rare?

No, Tom Brady Funko Pop Bucs are not rare. This is the standard Funko Pop! released for the football superstar and would probably be continually produced as long as there is a demand for it. 

In Summary  

Take the Funko Pop! NFL Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers home with you to show your love for the football legend! Check him out here

Tom Brady is honestly one of the best players in the sport — maybe you can learn a thing or two about what it takes to be the best at your field by displaying him in your home. 

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