Portgas D Ace Funko Pop Action Figure: 2023 Product Guide

Portgas D Ace Funko Pop Action Figure: 2023 Product Guide

Your Very Own Ace Funko Pop!

  • Character: Portgas D. Ace 
  • Category: Anime  
  • Color: Primarily flesh for his skin, with a brown cowboy hat, blue shorts, and black boots 
  • Size: 3 ¾ inches 
  • Style: Funko Pop! One Piece 
  • Rarity: Common 
  • Year: 2016 
  • Character Family: One Piece characters 

Short Bio

Short Bio

Portgas D. Ace from One Piece is now in his very own stylized Pop! This is the perfect gift to give to someone who’s a big fan of the series, and it will make for a beautiful yet melancholic piece whether they decide to put it on their home bookshelf, bedside table, or office desk. 

Ace is the sworn older brother of Sabo and Luffy and is the biological son of the Pirate King. 

Fans all over the world wept when the character sacrificed himself to protect his foster brother from Akainu — and it came as a shock to many because the series was not known to kill off major characters as swiftly as they did Ace. 

His death became the catalyst for Luffy to train harder and better so he could become strong enough to protect his friends, which was the main story arc for the second half of the series. 

We guess you could say that at least his death was not in vain. 

Key Features 


All Funko Pop! characters are made of vinyl, a form of plastic. Vinyl chloride is used to produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC), one of the largest petrochemicals in production. Most figurines available in the market are made from vinyl. 



Ace in his stylized Funko Pop! figure is wearing his iconic brown cowboy hat, complete with the red and blue bead necklace.

Like the anime, his Funko Pop figure is topless, which shows his well-muscled body. He is wearing a pair of knee-length jean shorts and black boots. 

Of course, Ace wouldn’t be complete if his fists aren’t on fire! Nicknamed Fire Fist Ace, he uses this combat move to launch a powerful column of fire at his target. 

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Similar Funko Pops 

If you liked Funko Pop! Ace or are just a big fan of One Piece in general, here are other figures you should definitely check out: 

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How many One Piece Funko Pop figures are there besides Ace?

There are 26 other Funko Pop! figures aside from Ace as of writing. Imagine how the ultimate One Piece fan would feel owning all of them! 

Will the Ace Funko Pop figure’s value appreciate in ten years?

If Funko Pop! discontinues the Ace figure, we suppose its value could appreciate in ten years. 

As of now, this figure is being sold by most major resellers. Make sure to keep both him and the box in mint condition so buyers will be more than happy to pay at your asking price in case he becomes a rarity ten years from now! 

In Summary 

Bring the Funko Pop! Ace figure home today by adding him to your cart. This is the perfect gift to yourself or for the best One Piece fan in your life. 

Ace was a central character in the One Piece storyline because his death motivated Luffy to train harder to protect his friends from the bad guys. Ace is a beautiful reminder that Luffy can be much stronger if he puts his heart and soul into it. 

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