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Keina the Sushi Squishmallow: Full Guide (2023)

Say Hello to Keina the Sushi Squishmallow!

  • Name: Keina the Sushi
  • Type: Sushi
  • Color: white, pink
  • Available Size/s: 5", 12", 16", 20"
  • Squishdate: April 20, 2021
  • Squad: Food Squad
  • Collector Number: 970
  • Model/SKU Number: KTY-1211145-KEI-C


Short Bio

Keina the Sushi is a nomad who loves to visit and explore new places, speak languages, and make new friends wherever she goes.

She can also stay awake all night, talking about her adventures. Having Keina as your friend will surely spice up your life and traveling experience.

Key Features


Keina the Sushi Squishmallow is a food plush toy from Kellytoy.

Its two-tone color combination of white and pink, and is made from polyester fiber, making her absolutely soft and squishy.


Keina the Sushi is a prawn or an Ebi sushi. Her body is made of white rice, and she has a pink prawn on her head, banded with darker and lighter pink stripes.

She also has a hot pink tail. Her left eye can be seen winking, and she has a small, smiling red mouth.

Other Similar Squishmallows

Jaiya the Sushi

Jaiya is also one of the members of the Food Squad. She is a sushi roll wrapped in black nori or seaweed.

She has various red, green, and orange ingredients on top of her head. If you want a cute and minimalistic Squishmallow design, Jaiya is the gal for you.

Bernardo the Burrito


Bernardo the Burrito is made up of a tortilla in a white wrap garnished with meat, tomato, lettuce, and cheese spilled from the top of the tortilla.

You’d definitely crave a burrito just by looking at Bernardo the Burrito Squishmallow.

Tex the Taco


Tex the Taco has a smiling face, and his body consists of a pale yellow taco shell.

It has green lettuce, dark red tomato slices, and grated yellow cheese filling the shell that spills out at the top.

Tex knows how to throw a great party, so it's good to have him around if you’re having a celebration.


Many organizations and award-giving bodies have recognized the authenticity, impact, and excellence of The Squishmallows as a toy brand.

In 2022, Squishmallows won the TOTY People’s Choice Award for Plush Toy of the Year.

In 2019, Squishmallows won several awards: The National Parenting Product Award, Plush Toy of the Year Award, Creative Child Magazine, Parent and Teacher Choice Award, and the Fun Stuff Parents’ Choice Award.

Care Instructions

Handwashing your Keina the Sushi plushy (and all Squishmallows in general) is the best way to keep them looking their best.

Avoid using harsh bristle brushes, as these can damage the fabric. Instead, use a gentle detergent and avoid scrubbing too vigorously.

Rinse the Squishmallows thoroughly, and then allow them to air dry. Do not put them in the dryer, which can damage the fabric.

For best results, wash your Squishmallows in a mesh laundry bag to protect them from snags and tears. With proper care, your Squishmallows will stay soft and cuddly for years.

Machine washing them is perfectly fine with the right settings. Just use cold water and normal detergent.

Put your Squishmallow in a pillowcase or mesh laundry bag before washing on a gentle cycle for extra care.

Be sure to tumble dry on low heat; higher temperatures can damage the stuffing and cause the fabric to shrink or melt.


Is the Sushi Squishmallow rare?

Sushi Squishmallows are generally not rare, but they could be hard to find.

For instance, Shun the Sushi is one of the most sought-after in the Sushi category, making it quite hard to get your hands on one.

What is the largest Sushi Squishmallow you can buy?

The largest Sushi Squishmallow available in any store is 20 inches. Its large size makes it a great playtime and bedtime buddy.

However, if 20 inches is too big for you, you might want to check out this 5-inch Keina the Sushi Squishmallow from Toynk.

Squish 'Em!

Keina the Squishmallow is perfect for those who love to travel!

Aside from the fact that she’s very handy at 5 inches, her story also revolves around traveling the world and making new memories.

If you’re looking to purchase this Squishmallow, Toynk offers convenient payment options and free shipping within the U.S. (Hawaii and Alaska not included).

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